About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Holly.
I am an Artist, Crafter, & Lover of all things creative and unique!
(also anything to do with Owls and Kittens)
These are my kittens:

Panda Bear

I'm married to a wonderful man who supports my art and craft endeavors!

Paul the handsome husband
(That's us at a Charity Fake Prom)

This is my new Blog.
Here I hope to share the things that inspire me, the things that I make, the things that friends of mine make, as well as any knowledge I have about making things!
General everyday life, and things that I like.
I also hope to share my love and passion for recycling,
up-cycling, and living a "green" responsible life 
as much as I can!
I truly do believe that one person can make a difference,
even if it is just by passing on the knowledge I have to inspire others.

Thank You for Stopping by & checking me out 

Please feel free to leave me your feedback.
(Please keep it PG)

With Love,
Holly Clark

e-mail me: HollyPelletierClark@gmail.com

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