Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall Festivities!

Hey guys!
I wanted to give a little fall update.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.
Dressing up is always fun.
I got the opportunity to actually go out this year for Halloween!
This is the diy costume I came up with.
A little Doe Deer in the woods
I was quite proud of my makeup.
I wore brown tights ,a brown shirt ,a little green skort, black boots, my white poncho, and a flower crown I made a few years back.
I put my hair into 2 little bun on my head for ears.

In other exciting news
I made my first sale in my Etsy shop!!!!
Please head on over and check it out.
I will be stocking it up with more items for the holidays 
over the next week!

My first sale was the set of these little Seasonal pocket gnomes!

(I have them back in the shop individually but I can always make them a set as I did for this customer.)

And lastly,
soup season is upon us.
So in the next few days I thought I'd share with you guys a recipe that is very dear to my heart.
Portuguese Kale Soup.
I grew up with this hearty soup, and I wanted to share it with you.
I will be sharing my traditional and my vegetarian version.
(both are shown below. I usually make one with meat for my husband, and a vegetarian one for me.)

So stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!!
See you soon!!1

<3 Holly 

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Toadies Mushroom Gnomes!

Hey guys wanted to give you an update of things happening in the Etsy Shop!

First off since my opening the shop I had my first Sale 
for these little 
Four Season Pocket Gnomes!

And today I also added these 'Fun-guys'.
(You know I never miss a chance for a Pun.)

(Click on the pictures for the individual listings,
or Click HERE to head on over to the shop and view all the listings.)

Thanks for stopping by!
Go to the shop and hit the favorite button!!
Let me know what you guys think of my knew Gnomies!!!
<3 Holly Clark

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hanging with my gnomies!

Hey guys,
I have been hard at work crafting away to stock up 
my brand, shiny, 
new Esty shop.

I wanted to share a little bit about what I have been up to.
Let me introduce to you some gnome friends of mine.
Each one is handmade from felt and wood peg dolls.
The paint I use is non-toxic.
And I stich them up with a little cotton thread.

First up is the rainbow gang.
(The rainbow gang is made with synthetic recycled felt.)

Then we have our Veggie Patch friends:
(The veggie patch sweeties are made with 100% wool felt.)

 Here is the cute little Strawberry patch 

Here are the adorable pumpkins from the Pumpkin patch.

and last but not least our Peas in a Pod!

 Head on over to the shop HERE for more pictures
(More listings to come.)

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed.
See you again soon!

<3 Holly Clark 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Etsy Shop

Hello all my friends!
Long time no see!!
This past year has been so busy for me that a very long,
unplanned hiatus from the blog happened.
It has been a roller coaster year for sure.
Good and bad things.

But I am happy to announce today (On my big 30th birthday!) 
I have finally opened my easy shop.
I only have a few listings up at the moment,
but there will be more to come in the next few weeks as I get all of my materials together.
Please head on over and visit,
pass it along to your friends!!!
You can click on the photo or this link HERE.
Thanks all and have a beautiful day!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Summer Garden

Here we are again. 
Me apologizing for not being around. 
I have been very bummed about not hanging out on here and writing.
I feel like I have had PLENTY to write about, 
and just not the time and energy.
(Mostly no energy!!!)

But the garden is beginning to take shape.
So it is time for my annual
urban farm tour.

I got a little crazy this year.

We will start our tour on the stairs.
from the top down:
In the red round bin we have some Kale.
In the wooded crate to the right are some Cherry tomatoes.
(Which actually just grew back in the soil from last year when spring came.
I found them sprouted up in the dirt... I was so happy!)
Underneath the matoes we have some Cherry Belle Radishes.
(I have them sequentially planted to there are little babies in there along with some that I am almost ready to harvest.)
Then in the long planter to the left of my radishes we have some Green beans
(I had to plant more of these guys because these were the seedlings that survived having to be left inside longer due to Mass' very chilly and windy spring.)

Now down the stairs.
(P.S. sorry about my little feetsies in the picture above.)
Ok so here we have my Larger Moskvich Tomatoes against the railing. 
To the left of the tomatoes we have some JalapeƱos down towards the bottom of the stairs.
And towards the top in the blue pot with pink flowers we have Gardenias.
Right above the Kale in the red planter I have Parsley and Nasturtium

Now for the left side of the stairs.
Down the bottom we have some Light Bright Swiss Chard.
(Which is all different colors.)
then in the middle buckets we have some Edamame.
AND front and center we have some Cucumbers which I am going to trail off the side of the porch.
(I have four plants in there now, I am going to experiment and see how they do. If they don't work out, I am going to convert something else in the house into a planter.) 

A great shot of the whole right side of the porch.

Here is the other half of the porch.
on the railing in the teal and red pots I have various flower seedlings.
In the planter box with the sticks are Sugar Peas.
The Hanging basket furthest away is a bandana plant and the one in front of the flag are Purple Pansies.

On the floor right below that stuff.
We have Vidalia Onions in the long planters in the back.
In the red and white buckets are some Bib Lettuce.
And tucked up against the railing we have Broccoli

This corner looks much nicer since I took this picture yesterday.
Here we have some various flowering plants. 
such as a Christmas Cactus in the back there.
Then several Gerbera Daisies,
and some Four O'clock flowers in the pot on the chair.

This spot by the door is basically Basil city.
The big pot is my Day Lily.
Underneath is my mama Basil Plant.
The pot with what looks like a feather sticking out, is a Mother-in-law's Tongue baby.
All the way to the left are some more Four O'clock flowers.
In the pot with the lime green border are Begonias. 
The rest of all those little seedlings are basil as I said.

So there you have the grand tour.
I love container gardening, there is such a thrill in experimenting what plants you can grow in a small space.
I know some of you would be looking at the picture and saying "She will never get anything from that plant in that small pot."
But I think you'll find that sometimes the plant likes breaking the rules.
In my opinion it is all one big science experiment. 
I'm learning something new every year!
And I will continue to grow with very garden.
(You like cheesy joke? hehe)

Well thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed my little porch garden.
I am no expert but please feel free to share any questions, or your own triumphs and failures.
Until next time.

<3 Holly 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

February ArtSnacks Review

Well, I finally got the January ArtSnacks box review out of the way!
Here is the February review.
Here is what the card looked like.
You can't really tell here, 
but it was pink for Valentine's Day.
So cute.

Here is what came in the box.

(From Left to Right: 1. Grumbacher Finest Water color- Their water colors are very good. I have used many paints from them in the past. Although I wasn't to clean on the green color. The quality of pigment is second to none.
2. Kurecolor by ZIG- This is the first time I have ever used anything from Kurecolor, and I fell in love. The color is amazing! I love that it has double sided tips. One side is a brush tip, and the other is a fine tip. The pigment was so bright, and went on so smooth. They have made a customer for life. Although unfortunately they are not widely available yet in my area.
3. Grumbacher Watercolor Brush- This was a great brush. I always have a hard tie finding a nice fine line brush that keeps it shape. I really liked this one. I love it more especially because it is made with synthetic materials rather than animal hair.
4. General's Sketch & Wash Pencil- The General's brand is another product that is always consistent. I have used their regular drawing pencils many times, but I have never used their sketch and wash pencil. I really liked it. The black color came out nice and dark. And I got a great gradient of color in the wash.
Yet another win for this month's ArtSnacks box!

Here are some process shots of my drawing.

I took a little inspiration from Valentine's Day!
The feeling of floating in outer space when your in love!!

Here is the final piece!!!

Hope you like it!
March review next!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly

Thursday, March 26, 2015

January ArtSnacks review

I'm so behind on LIFE in general.
I have been so busy working two jobs.
 I have not had much time to do the things I'd like to do.
Here is my January ArtSnacks review.
Oh, I'm sorry March is almost over.
Jeez Louise!
I should have done this along time ago. 
But better late than never. 
For almost a year iv'e had a subscription to ArtSnacks. 
What is ArtSnacks you ask?
It is a monthly subscription that delivers art supplies to your mail box. 
It is on average $20 a month and it is, in my opinion very much worth it. 
It is a very cool thing these folks are doing. 
As an artist you can get very stuck in your ways. Use the same mediums, get stuck in a creative rut because of that. 
Another cool thing about the subscription is the ArtSnacks challenge. 
It is a challenge to use only what comes in your monthly box to create a new piece. 
It is a great creative exercise.
And it is really fun to share whate you made with the ArtSnacks community and see what everyone else made. 

So Here is what came in the January box.
Every box come with a card that explains what is in that months box,
along with a couple of treats such as candy and usually a sticker or something like that.

Here were the supplies:

 Rendr No Show Thru Paper: This paper was remarkable. It seemed like it would be too thin, but the pigment did not bleed through the paper. 

(From Left to Right: 
1. Copic Sketch Marker- I got a buttery yellow color which offered a nice light antique look to the paper. perfect for backgrounds or a light shadow on white.
2.  6" Stainless Steel Ruler by Excel: This was a cool little ruler. It had a little clip on it which would be perfect to put in a painting smock or it is think enough to slip into a sketch book.
3. Marvy Lepen Technical Drawing Pen: The pen was nothing fancy, just a little sketch pen. It did have a nice dark black pigment. The tip was very fine so it is perfect for detail work.
4. Faber- Castell Polychromos Pencil- What can you say about Faber- Castell they are tried and true. I really liked the orange/ brown color.  

Besides the excitement of waiting for what is going to come in the box;
the fun begins when you take the #ArtSnacksChallenge !
What is that you ask?
It is when you create an art piece using only what came in your box. 
Then you can post it up on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook with the #ArtSnacksChallenge.
You also get to see what other people created.
Here are my little doodles!

I hope you enjoyed my little review. 
I think that ArtSnacks is well worth the money.
Between the quality of the products and what it would cost for shipping.
It is definitely worth $20.

Thanks for stopping by.
Time to go write February's review and catch up!!!
hehe =)

<3 Holly