Wednesday, April 1, 2015

February ArtSnacks Review

Well, I finally got the January ArtSnacks box review out of the way!
Here is the February review.
Here is what the card looked like.
You can't really tell here, 
but it was pink for Valentine's Day.
So cute.

Here is what came in the box.

(From Left to Right: 1. Grumbacher Finest Water color- Their water colors are very good. I have used many paints from them in the past. Although I wasn't to clean on the green color. The quality of pigment is second to none.
2. Kurecolor by ZIG- This is the first time I have ever used anything from Kurecolor, and I fell in love. The color is amazing! I love that it has double sided tips. One side is a brush tip, and the other is a fine tip. The pigment was so bright, and went on so smooth. They have made a customer for life. Although unfortunately they are not widely available yet in my area.
3. Grumbacher Watercolor Brush- This was a great brush. I always have a hard tie finding a nice fine line brush that keeps it shape. I really liked this one. I love it more especially because it is made with synthetic materials rather than animal hair.
4. General's Sketch & Wash Pencil- The General's brand is another product that is always consistent. I have used their regular drawing pencils many times, but I have never used their sketch and wash pencil. I really liked it. The black color came out nice and dark. And I got a great gradient of color in the wash.
Yet another win for this month's ArtSnacks box!

Here are some process shots of my drawing.

I took a little inspiration from Valentine's Day!
The feeling of floating in outer space when your in love!!

Here is the final piece!!!

Hope you like it!
March review next!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly