Thursday, March 26, 2015

January ArtSnacks review

I'm so behind on LIFE in general.
I have been so busy working two jobs.
 I have not had much time to do the things I'd like to do.
Here is my January ArtSnacks review.
Oh, I'm sorry March is almost over.
Jeez Louise!
I should have done this along time ago. 
But better late than never. 
For almost a year iv'e had a subscription to ArtSnacks. 
What is ArtSnacks you ask?
It is a monthly subscription that delivers art supplies to your mail box. 
It is on average $20 a month and it is, in my opinion very much worth it. 
It is a very cool thing these folks are doing. 
As an artist you can get very stuck in your ways. Use the same mediums, get stuck in a creative rut because of that. 
Another cool thing about the subscription is the ArtSnacks challenge. 
It is a challenge to use only what comes in your monthly box to create a new piece. 
It is a great creative exercise.
And it is really fun to share whate you made with the ArtSnacks community and see what everyone else made. 

So Here is what came in the January box.
Every box come with a card that explains what is in that months box,
along with a couple of treats such as candy and usually a sticker or something like that.

Here were the supplies:

 Rendr No Show Thru Paper: This paper was remarkable. It seemed like it would be too thin, but the pigment did not bleed through the paper. 

(From Left to Right: 
1. Copic Sketch Marker- I got a buttery yellow color which offered a nice light antique look to the paper. perfect for backgrounds or a light shadow on white.
2.  6" Stainless Steel Ruler by Excel: This was a cool little ruler. It had a little clip on it which would be perfect to put in a painting smock or it is think enough to slip into a sketch book.
3. Marvy Lepen Technical Drawing Pen: The pen was nothing fancy, just a little sketch pen. It did have a nice dark black pigment. The tip was very fine so it is perfect for detail work.
4. Faber- Castell Polychromos Pencil- What can you say about Faber- Castell they are tried and true. I really liked the orange/ brown color.  

Besides the excitement of waiting for what is going to come in the box;
the fun begins when you take the #ArtSnacksChallenge !
What is that you ask?
It is when you create an art piece using only what came in your box. 
Then you can post it up on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook with the #ArtSnacksChallenge.
You also get to see what other people created.
Here are my little doodles!

I hope you enjoyed my little review. 
I think that ArtSnacks is well worth the money.
Between the quality of the products and what it would cost for shipping.
It is definitely worth $20.

Thanks for stopping by.
Time to go write February's review and catch up!!!
hehe =)

<3 Holly

Friday, March 13, 2015

New Wall Tapestries Available in my Society6 Shop!

Hey guys just a quick little check in.
I wanted to announce a new item in my Society6 Shop.

Wall tapestries are now available.
Very cool you should go check them out.

While your there check out the other art prints and items that are available.
There is everything from T-shirts to Wall clocks.
Be back soon with some ArtSnacks Box subscription reviews.
(If you don't know what that is.... google it or I'll explain in my next post.)
Until then,
hope your enjoying the bringing of spring!!!

<3 Holly