Monday, February 9, 2015

RAWArtists "CURRENT" showcase November 16th 2014 review

As you know I participated in an artist showcase
back in November.
(Now you'll know why i was to busy 
to write a lot of posts on here.hehe )
The show was put on my the group
If you haven't heard of them they are a great resource
for up an coming artists.
They operate in major cities all across the country,
as well as in several major cities across the world.
For more information,
head on over to their page.

The whole experience was really cool.
Submitting my work was easy.
I just signed up and sent 5 
of what I thought represented my best qualities,
as well as the link to my online portfolio.
(If you don't have one, you should.
There are many free and easy sites where you can make one.
Even if you don't have a lot of experience with web design,
most have simple, professional style templates.)
I didn't even expect to hear back from them.
I was just proud of myself for putting myself out there.
Then next thing I know, 
I got an email saying I had got into
the November 16th showcase in Boston!

After that I got to set up my artist profile,
which will stay up on the RAW page.
I can use it for future projects and promotion.
You can go check mine out.

I will say it was a bit crazy leading up to the show,
trying to get everything ready.
I pulled everything out of my studio.
The house was a mess.
Once I thought I had made up my mind,
I would change it.

So, I had to take all this mess...

And put it into this space...

Here is how it came out...

(that's my handsome handsome husband below)

It was a cool space, but hanging things on the glass was a pain in the but.
The problem was, they told us to use command strips.
By the middle of the show they were plinking off the glass wall and my paintings started falling on me.
I think what they failed to realize was on the package it says they need to sit for 24hrs
before you can hang things on them.
(We only had a few hours to set up the show.)
At that point i had no other option than to pray that most of them stayed up.

Another cool thing about participating an RAWArtists show
(Other than sharing your art with a whole new crowd!)
is the promotional materials they provide you with.
Such as the interview video I shared with you already.
Go watch my Artist Interview HERE.
(The video came out amazing, very well done guys thanks.)
as well as 
Head shots and photos of your work in the show.
Here are just a few ...

I have to admit I wasn't a fan of a the artist portraits they took.
A lot of the photos were taken from below giving me a double chin.
But this one came out cute.

This was me saying "hello" to the big crowd and inviting them to come on over and say "hello" back.

Here is me with my mom and hubby.

I don't have any of my water colors framed so I just hung them with alligator clips on twine.
I liked the way it looked with them all hanging like that.

("The Forest" Gouache and Water color on paper)

("The Music Man" Water color on paper)

The next two paintings are a couple that took the leap off of the wall!!!
(Don't worry they survived and luckily no paintings fell on anyones head.)

("Untitled" Acrylic on canvas)

("A Mãe Urbana" Acrylic on canvas)

("Poe's House" Acrylic on canvas)

("Hide and Seek" Water color on Paper)

(Far left: : "A Deer for Pap" Gouache on recycled paper bag
Middle: "Untitled" Water color on paper
Far right: "Bubbles" Gouache on recycled paper bag.)

("Untitled" Acrylic on canvas)

("Miss Universe" Acrylic on canvas)

Well I hope you enjoyed the show!
I want to thank all my friends and family who supported me,
and continually support me.
If you are an artist who are thinking about doing a RAW
show you should.
It was an incredible experience. 
I appreciate everyone who
was involved in RAWArtist Boston for giving me that chance.
What the people at RAWArtists are doing is amazing.
It's a great opportunity for an artist to get themselves out there.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are all warm!!
(as I type this to you on the couch having a snow day!)
Hope to have you back again soon!!!

<3 Holly