Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Quick and Fun Halloween craft for last minute decorating.

Last year I made this awesome little sign to decorate for Halloween with on the porch.
Is was so easy to do.

Well this year for a project for the kids I changed the design a little and printed them out 2 on a page to make them a little smaller.
Click HERE to get the download for the kids version.

I had them glue it onto a piece of black construction paper and color them in. 
They colored the background with light colored crayons that showed up on the black.
We punched holes on the top and tied some string to it so they could hang them up in their house.
It was a crowd pleaser!

Here is a link to the one I made for the house.

Here is another fun easy Halloween printable.

Thanks for stopping by!
Halloween is only two days away!!
<3 Holly

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last minute Halloween decorations

It's been a while. 
In the time since we last met i flipped my life upside down.
I quit my full time job to take a dream job.
While it is only part time at the moment.
I hope that it will put me on the path a was meant to be on.
I am now working two jobs
to make up for the loss of hours.
It has been quite exhausting.
I also landed an art show for next month.
Very exciting things have been happening,
which is my I have been silent.
But I won't even apologize for it, 
because my dreams are coming true.
I have been very lucky to have such an amazing supportive husband!
And I am very thankful for him.

My new job has been teaching at an after school program.
Very cool.
The children are amazing!
It has also given me lots of time to do arts and crafts with them!!
I'm grinning ear to ear as I share this wonderful
news with you.

So in celebration of my new job
I would like to share with you one of the projects we did
this month in preparation for Halloween.

We made these awesome Halloween banners.
The kids had a blast coloring them and cutting them out!
(If you are in need for last minute Halloween decorations
they are perfect!)

If you would like the download you can go HERE

We printed it on card stock,
they colored and them out.
Then we punched holes where the circles are, 
and strung them on a piece of twine.
They were all so excited to hang them up to decorate their rooms with.
 Here is a glimpse of what mine came out like.
I hung them up in my own house for Halloween decorations.

Sorry for the dark photos,
it has been hard to be home while the light is good to take a well lit photo.

I hope you enjoyed,
and now that I have gotten into the swing of 
things I hope to post more projects.
kids crafts.
Just in time for the Holidays!

Thanks for stopping by!
Come back again soon!!
<3 Holly