Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun Horror Movie Style Garden Markers

As I sit here writing to you it is 48 degrees outside in MAY!!!

Even though it has been unseasonable chilly here in 
New England,
it is still gardening time!

I wanted to share this fun little project from 
my friend Liz's garden.
Her and her significant other Clinton came up with this awesome 
idea to label their plants. 

Simple idea, 
horror movie style, 
painted rocks for their plant markers.

Carrie Squash

Parsley of Death

Dead Dr. Pepper

Last BUT certainly not least....
Killer Tomatoes

(I think the KILLER TOMATOES is my favorite.
I can just see the movie poster now!!! hehe)

I hope you enjoyed the fun little garden project they made!
I know I sure did,
and I want to thank them for letting them share it with you all!!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Gardening!!!

<3 Holly Clark