Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easy pot from recycled plastic bucket!

Well as you know I LOVE recycling things for my projects. In fact that's what I base most of them on.
Here is a project PERFECT for Spring!

I acquired this red bucket (which held raspberry jam in it) from work.

I loved the red color of it, and I had plans to use it to store some craft supplies in. 

But when I got it home I looked at it in a whole new light. 
"FLOWER POT" my brain screamed at me!

So I took some rubbing alcohol and removed the rest of the sticker left on it and got a hammer, screw driver, and a screw.

I took the hammer and VERY gently tapped just the end of the screw in the bucket so I wouldn't crack the plastic. 
(I will admit I cracked it a little on making the first hole hehe) 

After that I took my screw driver and twisted the screw back and forth pushing down again GENTLY until the screw pushed all the way through.
(If you have a drummer drill or regular drill you can do this part very easily not hammer or anything required!) 

I went all the way around and made two semi evenly spaced rows. 

I then used the lid for the tray to catch all the excess water.

You have a perfectly functioning flower pot. 
(If the only buckets you can get have things printed on them, you can always paint over them with a few coats of artist quality acrylic paints. And optionally seal them with a spray acrylic sealer to make the paint job last a little longer.)

Have fun!
And happy planting!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly 


Return after a family loss.

Due to the loss of a family member, I had to take an unannounced retreat from blogging as well as from other social media. 

With the nice weather apon us, I now feel like crawling from underneath the rock I've been hibernating under.

I return now full of the new life Spring gifts us feeling envigorated and inspired. 

Sometimes when someone we love is taken from us, life gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own time here on earth. 

Also, sometimes the things we love to do seem hard to accomplish. But I have missed my blog and my avenue to reach out into the wide world available out there to me by way of the internet. 

So let's celebrate life and the fact that we are able to connect in this way to share the love of making things. 

I have some new posts and projects I'm planning out, and my office is starting to shed the cold of winter. 

So please check back with me soon. As I am now experiencing technical difficulties with my internet connection It might take me a little bit to get my posts together as I will have to connect to you via the magic of my fancy phone! :)

Have a beautiful and magical spring day!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!
<3 Holly.