Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paper Mardi Gras Mask with Paper Feathers

Welcome back!

The Glitter glue is dry!
So now I can proceed with this post.

Are you ready to make a mask from Mardi Gras?
Well you don't need much.
The basics:
*Construction or colored paper
(You can choose the colors you want. 
I stuck with the traditional Mardi Gras Colors)
*Card stock or Paper bag
 for your mask base
*Ribbon or Elastic to hold your mask on your face
(You could also choose to glue it to a fowl or chop stick.)
* Scissors
(I used a hot glue gun & a glue stick for mine.)
*Optional accessories
(Ex. Glitter glue, ribbons, sequins, any kind of sparkly embellishment really.)

ready… set… GO…

Start off with some sturdy paper. 
I used card stock (you could also use a paper bag)
and added some colored tissue paper for texture.
(I simply used a glue stick to stick the tissue paper down.)

Then you want to cut out your mask shape.

You can find templates with a simple google search.
or you can wing it.
The best way to make it even is to gently fold your mask in half when you cut it out.

To complete your basic mask.
Cut to X shapes on both sides of the mask to tie your ribbon or elastic.
I used some recycled twine from what was used to tie our christmas tree to out roof.
(You could of course also use a hole punch if you have one in the house.) 

Now time to make some feathers.

Grab your colored paper.
Three sheets should make enough for your mask.

Fold strips of paper in varying sizes.

Cut them. 

To vary sizes experiment with folding them in half again to make 4 small feathers, cutting on the fold to make one,
or cutting out two feathers at the same time.

After you have selected what size you will make your feathers,
simply go down your feather with it folded in half, 
and cut little 
slits (not all the way) towards the middle.

When you open them up,
they should look like this.

Time to add your feathers.
I used a hot glue gun,
you could also used tacky glue
(or even a stapler or tape if thats what you have around the house.)
I started with the biggest paper feathers.

Then I built up around them.

I also added a little glitter glue around the eyes and on the bottom for some pizzaz.

If you would like to you could also add some ribbon on the sides

All you need is a little dob of glue on the back of the mask. 

And here is a little blogging tip:
Make sure you have someone extra helpful to assist you in taking good photos for your blog!

There you are
a grand Masquerade Mask, with no real feathers,
and everything you probably have in your craft supplies,
or you can run down and get at your 24hr cvs!
Happy Mardi Gras!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mardi Gras Cakes

I'm waiting for the glitter glue to dry on
my other Mardi Project.
So until then,
I wanted to share some Mardi Gras cakes!!!
So much fun!!!

Here we go…..
(All the sparkles are sanding sugar, 
perfect glitter effect on a cake!!)

(Two heart shape cakes to make a mask!)

What do you think?

Always have loved the Mardi Gras colors!
Thanks for stopping by.
Come back REALLY SOON!!
<3 Holly