Sunday, December 15, 2013

Special Guest Blogger Today: MY MUMMY!

Hello All!
Today's post is very special.
Today I have a Guest star,
My Mom!
She is here showing us how to make these
 Victorian Style Cone Ornaments!

What you need:
12X12 Scrapbook Paper
(Or a piece of paper that is square.)
Double Stick Tape
(Or you could use glue)
Embellishments of your Choosing
(Even Candy if you like!)

First she started off with some 12X12 scrapbook paper.
(although you could use whatever paper you'd like, 
as long as it is cut into a square.)

Then she folded it in half to make a triangle.

Next she used double stick tape, 
and rolled one corner over.

Like So.

 She then put a piece of double stick tape and the other corner over around the back and secured it.

Next, she punched holes on both sides….

And tied some ribbon on it to hang it up!

You can add whatever embellishments to it you want.
(You can even fill the cone with treats!)
My mom adorned her's with some sprigs and a little red cardinal.

Great Job Mommy!
Thank you for being a guest blogger and sharing your Christmas ornament with us!
And thank you all for stopping by!!
Happy Handmade Holiday!!!
<3 Holly

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy first night of Advent

Advent is a special time of self reflection, celebration,
 and anticipation. 
Remember to find the quietness inside, 
and reflect on all you have been blessed with. 
Celebrate our blessings, friends, and family. 
And anticipate 
the light over coming the dark. 

John 1:5
And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness apprehended it not.

Have a peaceful night.
<3 Holly

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December 1st, and 1st night of Advent!

I just set up my Advent Spiral.
This is my second year doing this.
(last year I didn't start it on the Traditional 1st night of advent,
It just happens to fall right on December 1st this year.
I like the idea of starting it on the 1st of the month and
using it as a countdown to Christmas as well as Advent, and Winter Solstice!)
Here was my set up last year.
(Click the image above for a longer explanation of how and why I set it up the way I did.)

and here is my table set up this year.
(Well most of it anyways… I'll get a better picture tomorrow .)

I'm going to add a few more things to it, 
but for tonight it will do!
(Click HERE for the Advent spiral Tutorial)

Also This Year I have some scriptures to correlate to each night of advent.
December 1 = John 1 : 1-5
December 2 = Isaiah 9: 2-7

December 3 = Isaiah 11; 1–10
December 4 = Jeremiah 33:14–16
December 5 = Luke 1:5–10
 December 6 = Luke 1:11–17
December 7 = Luke 1:18–25
December 8 = Luke 1:26–38
December 9 = Matthew 1:18–21
December 10 = Mathew 1: 22-26
December 11 = Luke 1:39–45
December 12 = Luke 1:46–56
December 13 = Luke 2:1–5
December 14th = Luke 2:6–7
December 15th = Luke 2:8–12
December 16 = Luke 2:13–14
December 17 = Luke 2:15–18
December 18 =Luke 2:19–20
December 19 = Micah 5:2–5
December 20 = Matthew 2:1–2
December 21 = Matthew 2:3–6
December 22 = Matthew: 2:7–8
December 23 = Matthew 2:9–12
December 24 John 1:14

Well thanks for stopping by.
Happy Handmade Holiday…
Time to go make more preparations for our 
Tree Trimming Party Tomorrow night!!!
Happy First night of advent.
<3 Holly