Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doll house I'm working on...

Hey all It has been sporadic hearing from me I know...
I have just been so busy with the new job,
that I haven't had much energy on my time off to post
all the things I have been making!

But here is a little Doll house I have been working on.
I will definitely have a more detailed post on how I made it when it is done.
I also have a few more projects of making little furniture and such that will accompany it.
But for now I wanted to throw out a little "Hello", "Hope your all doing well!", and "I'll be back in full swing soon!" 
(No doubt because the cold will most certainly push my bum back indoors!)

Tell me what you guys think...
I have tons more finishing work to do on it,
and I'll show you where the idea came from e.t.c.
See you guys again soon...
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks for a Happy Summer!

Labor Day weekend has come and gone.
Traditionally celebrated as the last weekend of the summer. 
The kids are probably a little sad that school is back in full swing.
So, I thought of a little activity for them to look
back on Summer with fondness rather than sadness.
Give them an official "Summer Fun"
It is a simple way for them to remember their favorite part of summer.
They can hang it up in their room,
or on the fridge,
or it makes for a great bulletin for the classroom!
There is a color version 
a black and white one for coloring!
(Click picture above to Download)
click HERE for the black and white version.

This is a great activity for the home or in the classroom!
Let's celebrate what we love about Summer...
and look forward to what we love about Fall!!!

Hope you all enjoy...
<3 Holly