Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Quick Summer Recycling Craft!

We have been getting these great local strawberries 
all summer,
and I have been hoarding 
the cute little Balsa wood baskets that they came in.
I new I could use them as
 really cute storage containers.

One problem was that they were stained in some spots
from the delicious juicy berries.
So I decided to paint them with some new bright
craft paints I had just bought!
(On sale 3 for a $1)

I had six containers,
so I painted each one with a different color on the bottom.
The Paint absorbed into the balsa very well 
and covered the strawberry stains.

On top I painted 3 of the containers with
the cool colors with neon green,
and the three with warm colors with the neon orange.
 I really loved how they came out.

Love the way they catch the light.
(The colors I painted them will glow well in backlight!)

 and they stack nicely when they are not in use...
There you are...
nice bright colorful containers for storage.
I've got mine on a shelf in the studio with all manner
of art supplies in them.
They are perfect for holding quilting squares I've already cut.
(And they make a perfect napkin holder for picnics
or BBQ' ing in the back yard.)
Hope you enjoyed them.
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Summer Recycling craft!

Well Summer is here YAY!!!!!!

I wanted to share a quick little eco-friendly project
I did while getting my little porch garden ready.

I like to save the little plastic flower pots 
that new plants come in to grow new plants from seeds.
Well, now I have so many of them,
I didn't know what to do with them.
SO, I decided to paint them.

First I primed them with Gesso.
This is so the writing on the pots wouldn't show through the paint.

Then I just free handed some funky designs on them, 
and sealed them with an acrylic sealer spray!

Simple, fun, and funky.
Now the ugly plastic pots can be seen in public.
Use them in the house or outside!
(The spray should keep them 'somewhat' element resistant,
unless it's a really windy day.)

Happy Summer Days!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!!
<3 Holly