Friday, February 22, 2013

Quilt "Block" Sampler Art

Just because you don't fancy yourself artsy-fartsy,
doesn't mean you are not capable
of making some simple and simple graphic art for your home!
If you can cut out a simple pattern, trace it, and color in the lines,
then you can
 (YES YOU!) 
can create this fun folk art for your home.
(And all for under $10)
Let's make some Quilt "Block" Art

Do you have a couple of hours to spare?
Then you certainly have the time for this project.

* Wood Block

 (you can buy some decorative ones in varying sizes for around $1.99- $5.99 at craft stores,
or if you have some extra timber lying around a cut piece of that will do.)
Another idea is to use an old wood cutting board

*Acrylic/ Craft paint
colors of your choice + black or another dark color to outline your design
(Little bottles of craft paint will run you around  .59¢ ea.)
*Acrylic Sealer Spray or Modge Podge
*Classic or great geometrical quilt block pattern.
*Scissors and a pencil
OK, lets go.

Step I: Find a great quilting block pattern.
Find something classic or interesting.
Then size it to your wood block.
I got mine from a book on classic American quilt motifs.
I scanned the blocks and cut them to the size of my blocks.
You can do a simple google search for
Free Quilt Block Patterns. 
to find one for yourself.
But if your at a loss of where to begin here are some great resources. Quilting Patterns Through Time

Step II: Scale your pattern to size

 and trim down your design down.

Using an old art class trick,
rub pencil on the back of the your design.

Then secure your design to your block with painters tape,
(The painters tape will peel off easy. 
It will also make it easy to lift up and check where your at if you loose your place so you don't have to mess up your alignment.)
and trace your design.

(I used a ruler on this design, because it was a detailed geometric pattern.)

When you peel your paper off,
you will get a light pencil outline onto your block.

Step III: Now pick out your colors and paint each section of your design.
First outline the section you are going to paint.

Then fill it in.

With this design,
I chose to scatter the little spots I painted in.

Making sure I left some of the wood coming through in the design. 

Then let dry.
(You can use solid colors or imitate patterns of fabric.)

Step IV: Outline your design with your chosen dark color paint
with a thin paintbrush.
(I didn't outline all of my little sections in this one, 
but I did outline the little spaces I didn't paint so that you could still see the shape.)
Let dry.

Step V: Finish it off with the sealer of your choice.
(Whether it be the spray or Modge Podge.)
(This is optional, 
but when you seal the wood it brings out the wood grain,
and also protects the paint from chipping.)

And your end result....

(I just leaned mine on a shelf. If you want to hang yours, 
you can use a number of different pictures hangers
such as these: D-Ring or a Sawtooth hanger.
Just make sure you have short nails or screws so they don't come out the front.)

Happy crafting...
and send me photos if you make your own Quilt "Blocks"
Thanks for stopping by!!!
<3 Holly

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy for longer days!

Hey everyone!
I just would like to say that I am very thankful
for the longer hours a day light.
Heres to have more energy,
and being able to take pictures of projects without 
waiting for a day off hehe.
In celebration,
here is a sneak peak at a tutorial
I'll be posting tomorrow for some
Quilt "Block" Art.
Stay tuned,
(I promise)
it will be up tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are starting to take advantage of YOUR longer days.
<3 Holly

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last minute Valentine's? NO problem!!!

Forgot to get Valentine's Day cards for the kids?
Last minute Valentines's plans?
Here are a few super cute FREE Printables From around the web
that can help your out!
(Click on all links and images to head over to all of these amazing places to get the downloads and check out the other awesome things these incredibly talented people
have to offer!!!)

1. Love these ADORABLE 
(Did I say adorable?)
little Valentine Cards from: 
(DOES NOT get cuter than these little guys)

2. Love these Owl bookmarks from:
(Just in time for all the new books I just ordered.
They were in need of some beyond cute bookmarks.)

3. Valentine's Day Bingo game cards
(What a great activity for that Valentine's candy)

4. Love Coupon Book
(I've always wanted to make one of these for the hubby, 
and this site has great instructions,
and I LOVE the little tickets!)


You really must poke around all these sites.
So much amazing talent!!!!!
Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for stopping by!
And thanks to all these amazing, talented people who share these great printables with us!

<3 Holly