Wednesday, December 19, 2012

D.I.Y Feral Cat Shelter from ISF

I had to share this link
web site, 
for a great way to give a warm little
spot for an outdoor or feral cat outside.
Super easy, 
and inexpensive.
Click the Picture below to head over to ISF
for instructions. 

Give a little Christmas gift this winter to our feral kitty friends!
<3 Holly
Thank you ISF for a wonderful way to give our love...
and thank you for stopping by.

Brown Paper Packages...

We are so close
to Christmas!!!
I have been putting the 
final touches on 
all of my Christmas projects.
Here are what 
(Click above to see how I made the ornaments &
the boxes)
look like all packaged up!!!
(I just need to add the tags, but I haven't made them yet)

Can't help but start singing the song from 
The Sound of Music

"Brown paper packages
tied up with string...
These are a few of my
favorite things!"

I've been very busy with all of my 
"favorite things"
that I have not posted my
winter decorations for
(Click above to see how to make the wreath base)
But I should be able to hopefully do that tomorrow.
Here is a sneak peak 
of my Holiday Star Ornaments.
Hope all of your Holiday prep is going well!!!
Thanks for stopping by.
<3 Holly

Here is another one of my Holiday projects

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

D.I.Y. Salt Dough Ornament Gifts

This year I decided that I wanted to do a 
Handmade Holiday!
Every year my husband and I stress out about what
the perfect gifts for everyone are,
and how we are going to 
pay for them that
by the time the Holiday is over
we have completely forgotten how to enjoy it.

This year I wanted to have fun 
and enjoy every moment of the season with my friends,
family, and Hubby.
So instead of making myself crazy over busy presents,
I made myself crazy
over crafts.

I made
salt dough ornaments, 
and painted them.
I'm going to pack them all up in little sets of 2 or 3
in hand made paper boxes,
and give them to each family as a whole,
instead of to each individual.
(For example, one set to my sister and the kids, 
one set to my sister-in-law, 
and you get my point.)
So here is how I went about it... 
these aren't the same salt dough ornaments 
I made when I was 8!
Here is the recipe I used
(I made A LOT of ornaments so you can probably 
cut this ratio in half.)
4 cups of flour
2 cups of salt
2 cups of water
250-300 degrees
for approximately 45mins to 1 Hr
(Until dried out.)
I painted mine so I wasn't too concerned about them getting brown.
If you are looking to keep them light,
you should favor the lower temperature,
for a longer period of time,
as well as keeping your eye on them.
I cut out my ornaments with cookie cutters,
and made the holes on top
using a straw.
(You can also use a chop stick, 
just remember to wiggle the hole a little bigger,
because when the ornaments bake the dough will shrink a little.)
When they cooled down,
I painted them with a base coat of white acrylic paint.

I just went crazy
 and started painting them
all kinds of colors.

When I was done painting them I also
 signed them with the year and Paul and I's name,
then sprayed them with a coat of 
clear acrylic sealer.

I tied some embroidery thread of all kinds of colors
so they could be hung from the tree!

I'm packing them all up into hand made paper boxes.
(Made from recycled paper bags from the grocery store.)

Tying them up with ribbon!
Viola... perfect little gift made with love.

Hope all of your Holiday preparations are going well...
Remember to stop and enjoy it,
and remember that it isn't about presents,
but about the loved ones in your life.
Thanks for stopping by.
<3 Holly

here are some other Holiday Projects for you:

Salt Dough Advent Candle Spiral

Winter Cakes I

Day 10 Of Advent

The 10th day of Advent,
we lit our candle.
We have our Sea Shells and Crystal for Week one of Advent
(Representing the Rocks and Minerals)
We have a Gerbera Daisy (My favorite flower)
  in a bowl of water with Pine Sprigs
Representing the Plants...
I really have been enjoying the Advent Spiral.
(Next year I am going to get enough candles to have one 
lit for every space as we move down the 
It has been my light in the darkness,
on these
long dark days.
I can not wait to have the whole Spiral lit,
celebrating the days getting longer again.
Hope you all can find your
own light in the darkness.
<3 Holly

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas/ Winter Cakes...

I have been busy at work getting ready for the Holidays.
I am going to make a few posts with 
pictures of some of the 
cake I have made so far.
Here you go....

Holly Berry Cake
 Pink Snowflake Cakes

More to come....
Hope you enjoy....
Thanks for stopping by.....
<3 Holly

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's the 1st day of december! 1st candle lit in my Advent Spiral

Happy December 1st!!!
I wanted to share
with you guys the advent spiral in action.
With the first candle lit,
I placed my crystal and seashells
to represent the First Kingdom:
Stones and Minerals
for the first Sunday of advent!
(The Second Sunday you add a representation for plants
The Third Sunday an animal figurine
and the last Sunday is usually a figure representing Mary or a little nativity figurine.) 
I added my 1st Kingdom tonight
because we won't be around tomorrow night.
Next week I will to it on
I also added some pine sprigs clipped 
from our christmas tree
like traditional evergreens for Yule.
(I'm definitely am going to replace them so they
don't dry out and become a
fire hazard.)
I also cut a piece of tin foil a little bigger
than the Spiral
and crunched it up around the bottom
to catch any wax.
(Click here for the tutorial)

I'm really happy with the whole thing.
Tell me what you think.
Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Handmade Holiday!!!

<3 Holly