Saturday, July 28, 2012

Really cool Painting Video...

So I'm sure you all missed me TERRIBLY
this week,
and you have Vampire Diaries on Netflicks to blame for that.
I had never seen the show before,
and started watching the first 2 seasons when I found it on Netflicks the other night.
Well that was the end of me,
I am now OBSESSED!
Like 13 year old girl obsessed !!!
 I did however want to crawl out of my little Vampire lair,
and share this really beautiful pored painting video from
The cinematography by Dave Kaufman
is phenomenal!  
The way they show the paint slowly moving is so poetic.
For me as a painter the movement of the paint 
is part of the Zen and calming aspect of the physical act of painting.
Check it out!
I Hope you enjoy!
Promise I'll post more this week,
and I won't miss my meatless Monday posting!
I am almost done with season three,
then I will be free to post what I like, when I like.
The trance will be broken!!!

<3 Holly

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cork Alphabet Stamps....

What a great craft from
(Click Image to go to her great site and the tutorial!) 
It is also such a cute idea to make them personalized
fonts from you or your kid's handwriting!
I have TONS of corks that I save,
you could even make these with the synthetic corks
that are in most wines now, 
and save the real corks for a D.I.Y. cork board.
Happy Stamping! 

Thanks for stopping by
and thanks to Michele Made Me 
for sharing this great project!
<3 Holly 

Henna Design Wedding Cakes!

Well I had quite the busy day at work yesterday...
I made three wedding cakes 
for one of the sweetest customers I think I may have ever had.
Seriously though,
 people stress out more about their kid's 5th birthday cake 
more than she was about her WEDDING cakes.
She put a lot of faith in me.
(Witch of course made me nervous,
 because I didn't want to disappoint her.)
She wanted some henna style designs on her cake,
totally up my alley!
She gave me some images of cakes as inspiration,
and I chose of few designs I liked and drew them on a parchement 
paper that I hung up in front of me as a guide.
I'm always super critical, 
and think "I can do better,"
but overall I'm really happy with it.
Here they are...
(The color is a little off because as usual
 I only had my camera phone.)

Two Tiered Cake

1/2 Sheet cake with a design taken from the grooms clothing

Full Sheet with Chocolate frosting design 
and little heart detail on the side.

Well what do you think?
Let me know...
Thanks for checking out the cakes,
<3 Holly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Introducing..... (Drum Roll Please)

Sneaky Pete

She is a pick-pocket and sweaty pie....
She is the latest in the cast of characters I have come up with
for the comic book I will probably never write.
Ohhh P.S..... You probably shouldn't mess with her;
because she knows Kung-Fu!
 Hope you like her,
because if you don't,
I'll feel bad when she comes after you!
<3 Holly 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Second Veggie post on Meatless Monday...

So it is Meatless Monday again,
and I though I'd share another meal I like to make.
It is a nice light Summer pasta.
(I don't really measure things, so with all the ingredients I use, I'll just say "use the amount you like" and "season to taste.")
With fresh basil and tomatoes growing in
my garden, 
I'm excited to make this dish for myself.

"Fresh Basil, Mozzarella, Tomato and White Wine Pasta" 

Fresh Basil
Fresh Mozzarella
(any kind, although I like the cherry or grape tomatoes better for their sweetness.) 
Optional: Red, Green, or Yellow Peppers.
Black Olives
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil
(Red or White. I use both if I have it.)
 Whole Wheat Pasta
White Wine
(I use whatever I have in the fridge, which is usually a Riesling or a White Zinfandel)
1 can of tomato sauce
+the seasonings of your choice
(You may also want to add some fresh Parsley into the mix)

1. First I throw the chopped garlic and onions in a pan with olive oil
I let it cook a bit.
2. Then I add my Tomatoes , can of Tomato Sauce, Black Olives, and the White Wine to the pan.
(The peppers if you opted for them.)
3. Add your spices... 
(I add Kosher Salt, a little Pepper, Garlic powder, Paprika, and a PINCH of Chili powder.)
4. Let simmer on the stove till the Wine cooks down a bit,
then I add the Spinach and Basil.
(You don't want to cook all of the liquid out, but you don't want your sauce to be watery either, 
so you have to pay close attention to it.)
5. When your sauce is a good consistency, add it to your cooked and strained whole wheat pasta.
6. Right before your ready to eat your dinner, throw the fresh Mozzarella into the mix, 
give it a second to get a little melt-y,
then enjoy!

This isn't complicated to make, and there is no wrong amount of ingredients to add,
throw in extra veggies too if you like.
(mmmm... like yummy peppers!)
Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions e-mail me.
Thanks for stopping by,
enjoy your Meatless Monday!
<3 Holly

The Night Circus....

If you are in need of a spectacular summer read,
I highly suggest you go and pick up  ...

I could hardly put it down.
It is a fantastical love story 
tied to a mysterious circus.
It captures the childish fantasy of running off to join the circus,
with a dash a real magic,
 and danger.
Go read this book RIGHT NOW!
This book is going into my library,
and it will stay there forever.
One of my new all time favorites!!!
You can thank me later,
<3 Holly

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Owl Quilt is almost done!!!!!

So, I posted a while back about the quilt
 I have been working on for our niece.
Well after putting it aside for a "couple" of months,
(I use the word couple in the place of MANY months)
I almost have it complete!
Here is a reminder of what the body of the quilt looks like:
 And here is the little patchwork Owl that will grace the center of it:

The front is all pieced together,
tonight I hope to put it all together with the batting and the back.
Then the quilt will be done... YAY!!!!
The next step of my present for her,
is to make an accompanying Owl pillow for extra snuggling.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope to have the set complete within the week.
I will post the finished results when I am done.
<3 Holly

Monday, July 9, 2012

Meatless Mondays.... & "Rancher's Pie" Recipe

Here is my first post for my 
"Vegetarian Beginners Kit."
It is a challenge to try a "Meatless Monday"
in your house hold. 
Weather you are shooting for slowly easing into a Veggie lifestyle,
or just trying to eat a little better for your health 
and the environment,
"Meatless Mondays" are a great way to start.
Meatless Monday was started in 2003.
There are a few different reasons why it was started,
and you can find more general information about it's beginnings

I have also found a great article from
about "10 reasons to try Meatless Mondays".
(Click the image below to head on over to the article.)
So it being Monday,
I'll start the week off with a little dish I came up with called
"Rancher's Pie."
It is a Veggie spin based off of the old classic 
UK and New England favorite 
"Shepard's (or) Cottage Pie."

"Ranchers Pie"
 Rancher's Pie is very easy to make.
What you need:
 *Veggie "Beef" Style crumbles 
+ Taco Seasoning
( I like the ones from QUORN.) 
 *Garlic or Plain mashed potatoes
 (Instant will do if you are like me, 
and don't have time to do it from scratch.)
(Canned or Frozen)
*Black Beans or Refried Beans
(or Both)
 *Onions and Green, Red, or Yellow Peppers
(Or all three)
 *Cheddar or Monterrey Jack cheese
*Sour Cream, 
*and Tortilla Chips for topping the dish

1. Cook up the Veggie beef in a pan with taco seasoning, diced Onions, and your Peppers.
Place in the bottom of a Casserole dish.
2. Next layer add your beans.
(If their from a can you might want to heat them up.)
3. Add a layer of cooked corn. 
4. Then add your mashed potatoes.
5. To top off your dish, 
add a layer of crunched up tortilla chips,
then as much or as little cheese and place under the broiler.
(I like to get a nice crunchy, bubbly cheese layer
on the top of mine. )

Take out of the oven and let sit for a few minutes
and serve with some salsa and sour cream.

Rancher's Pie.... 
I hope you all enjoy this recipe...
it is one of my favorite meals to make.
Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Being a vegetarian...

recently two of my friends ask me for some advice
on switching to a vegetarian diet.
After forwarding a bunch  of information to them,
it got me thinking that I should
start a vegetarian section on the blog.

Being a vegetarian is not generally something that I shove 
into everyone's face,
but if you want to become one,
it is important to have good resources as your jumping off point.

So, I'm going to be working on a 
"Beginner Vegetarian Kit."
I'm going to include links to what I think are great websites,
as well as what cook books I like,
and what my favorite Veggie products are.

and to start the sharing process,
here is the delicious dinner I had this evening.
A Veggie burger cooked in margarine, with a fresh local tomato, spinach, light mayo & ketchup, and Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese, on a potato bun.
With baked bar-b-Que chips and sauteed spinach on the side.
Thanks for stopping by,
I hope you all enjoyed your dinner as much as I enjoyed mine!
<3 Holly

Friday, July 6, 2012

A great little video of a man having a conversation with his 12yr old self

You have to see this video from
Jeremiah McDonald from 
(You can also click the image below to go to his site.)
check out his page, 
and check out this video.
 Very amusing!

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great 31 Craft round up from across the web!

Came across this great
31 easy crafts round up from
(Click the image to go to head over to their list.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Bathing Suit from

I'm So excited!
I just ordered this pin-up girl,
bathing suit from
for my wedding anniversary trip to Martha's Vineyard.
Go check them out!
They have super cute clothing,
and the prices aren't too bad.
It is well worth it for unique peices like this
...Granted I won't look as good as she does in it.
I'm still excited!
Dressing like a pin-up girl is so friendly to us curvy girls.
Thanks Lolitagirl,
I can't wait for my new bathing suit.
Thanks for stopping by.
<3 Holly

Flag cake for 4th of July...

Well this is what I have been up to at work all week...
Flags cakes...
Not sure how many I made,
But it was A LOT!
= )
(Not that great of a picture, 
and not my best Flag cake.
But I was in a rush to get out of work,
and realized I hadn't taken pictures of ANY of them.)
 P.S. I know it is not accurate....
but when you have to make about 50 of them,
you stop counting stripes and stars.
<3 Holly
Happy 4th of July everyone!

D.I.Y. Modged Podged Comic Book Heels

Here is a fun little Mod Podge project
featured on
They are great D.I.Y. comic book high heels.
(Although you could use whatever kind of images you like.
Maybe from a children's book, comic strips from the Sunday paper, or magazine clippings.)
Great project if you have a pair of high heels you love,
but that may need a little T.L.C.
Click the image above to head over for their how-to.
Finally, those stacks of my husbands comic book he doesn't read anymore will come in handy!

Thanks Flashsolver.
Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly