Friday, June 29, 2012

Foam Take out container Block printing...

Check out this AWESOME tutorial from
It is how to recycle one of those crappy,
 polystyrene take out boxes,
and use it to make your own prints.
Click the Image below to head over to their site
for the tutorial.

 I Give this Green tutorial two thumbs WAY up.
It is such a creative way to make art and recycle.
Thank you Total Art Soul!
and thank you for stopping by!
<3 Holly

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I wish I had more time!!! ... Flag Cake... Happy 4th of July

Oh why is there not more hours in the day?
I want to make this SOOOOO bad...
Flag cake...
(Click the image below to go to the how-to)
Thanks Betty Crocker,
<3 Holly 

Horse Cake

Well I've been so busy with work lately,
AGAIN I have been neglecting the blog.
That makes me a SAD Panda....
But I'd like to share some cakes I've made over the past week.
Here is a horse cake I'm quite proud of!
One of those moments when you step back and go,
"Who the hell just inhabited my body and made that?"

Here is the original picture.
It was from the party invitation.
 and here is the cake....
close ups of the mama and baby....

Thanks for stopping by....
<3 Holly

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Panda Gift Boxes...

I found this great little craft
They are little Panda Gift Boxes...
So in honor of my little Panda,
 (If you ask him, he will tell you he is a "Real Bear!"

I thought I'd share some little Panda's with you.
(Click the image below to travel on over to for the how to.)
Happy Panda Crafting!
Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly

Friday, June 22, 2012

Necklaces.... that's what I've been up too!

I know not everyone enjoys the Hot hOt heat like I do...
Holly is at her best in this weather.
It had boosted my spirits AND
my creativity.
I've been on a necklace making rampage these last two days...
here is what I've made so far...

Safari Necklace and Closeup of animals
 Tye Dye and Lace Necklace
  And the one I'm working on right now....

Giraffes on the Half Shell Necklace 
with close up

I'll post a picture when I'm done....
<3 Holly

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

100th post... White wedding cake...

So this post will make my 100th post on my blog.

It is a small little achievement for me.
Usually I get discouraged when I put myself out there,
but I have stuck with it.
Even though I only reach a small number of people,
and I can't do all the projects and tutorials of my own that I would like to,
I'm proud of myself for trying anyways.
And I am very thankful to the people who to pop by and check
out my little blog.

In honor of that, I would like to share a cool little thing
about a special order cake I made for work.
We have a photographer customer Don, who likes to come in
and by cakes from us to use for photo shoots 
he does for a housewares product company.
(I do not know the correct spelling of his last 
name or I would list it.)
A little while back he came in asking for a mini wedding cake 
to shoot for a cake pedestal.
I made him this, 
and was very worried about how his pictures would come out.
 (No pressure there right?)
The other day he came back to order another one,
(So he must have liked the first, YAY!)
and he gave me the link to the website that his photos 
of the other cake were on.
It was so cool to see my cake in the product photos.
It was for a company called Mikasa and it was for their
"Love Story" line of dishes. 
(Click on the image below to go to their site, 
and see the photo larger)
That is my little cake on there!
It was a very exciting moment for me.
Thanks Don for liking my little cake,
thanks Mikasa for using Don's photos of my cake.
It made me feel special,
and thanks guys for stopping by for my 100th post.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Easy Glass Cutting Technique...

I have wanted a set of the beer bottle drinking glasses
Like these from
But, I find all the tutorials about how to cut the glass
to be a bit on the complicated side.
But then I came across this AMAZINGLY, genius
tutorial for glass cutting from
(Click the image about to head over to check out the tutorial.)
She shows us hot to cut glass with nail polish remover,
string, and ice.
(You made need some sand paper also,
just in case your edges don't come out smooth.)
I'm about to go crazy, and make a bunch!
 These things will be great or birthday presents,
wedding presents,
Thanks you Jaderbomb for simplifying this process for us...
thank you guys for stopping by,
and go and check out Jaderbomb's website. 
<3 Holly

Friday, June 15, 2012

Titanic Cake...

So I have been very busy at work,
and I have been working 
on a quilt for my niece when I get home.
So, needless to say,
I've neglected the blog.
But I did have a few cool things that I am going to 
post over the next few days.
Here is the first....
It is a birthday cake for a little boy,
Titanic on his cake.
First request of it's kind for me,
but whatever he is 6 hehe.
His mom brought in a little plastic Titanic set,
so the really hard part was done for me.
She also asked me to incorporate some little fish,
to make the cake a little bit more whimsical.
Here is the end result...

Hope y'all have had a wonderful week,
Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lady Bug Cake

Here is another cake I made today at work.
It's a Lady Bug Cake 
with baby ants holding the "Happy Birthday" banner.
 (Close up of ants.)
Sometimes my job is SO much fun!!!
<3 Holly

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

drum shade pendant lamp....

So, if for some reason you happen to have a 
lonely, unused drum lying around the house;
here is a great way to add some
unique style to you home.
Make a Drum Pendant Lamp.
This great project comes from Living With Lindsay.
What creativity,
that lamp will surely get some attention, 
and be a great one-of-a-kind conversation piece! 
(Click the image to head on over to Living With Lindsay's 
tutorial on how she came up with this pendant lamp.)
Maybe you can think of something similar
(OR not so similar)
to the drum that you can use Lindsay's technique,
and make a lamp all your own.
Thanks for coming by today,
<3 Holly 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Well It has been a yucky Monday...

I have to say, 
it doesn't feel like June.
Today feels more like a rainy fall day.
I know after walking home from work,
I felt (and looked) like a wet rat,
and didn't feel much like doing anything that took any REAL effort.
But here is something fun to do on a rainy, chilly day like to day...
that doesn't require much energy at all.
Play with paper dolls!
I have found a few free, printable paper doll links
for you to print out and play with the kids 
(or just for you to keep yourself occupied for a few hours.)
Go ahead and have some fun. 
(Click the titles or images below to go to the printable paper dolls.)

(I found these dolls on Terri's 'Printable Paper Doll Land')
I recommend printing the bodies on card stock if you have any lying around the house. 
Maybe you could even challenge the kids (or yourself) to design their own outfits for the paper dolls.
Hope you and the kids enjoy.
Paper dolls were ALWAYS my favorite growing up.
Stay warm, and Thanks.
<3 Holly

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kitten Cupcake!

Found this picture yesterday, 
thought I'd share.
It is a Kitten cupcake I made for an order at work a while ago.
So cute.
<3 Holly

Here is a little more coloring for a lazy, chilly, almost raining Sunday...

Well it seems we are going to have a chilly Sunday.
One complete with 
dark rain clouds looming above us,
threatening to pour on us.
Don't be sad though,
if your not lucky enough to make it out
before it rains.
I have found another great website with 
coloring pages GALORE!
To keep you and the kids occupied today.
The coloring pages come from
Great for the adults AND the childrens!!!
 Here are a few of my favorites.
(Click here to go to the "Coloring Pages" page, 
and click the individual images below 
to be taken to there respective links.)

(How about that? Make some Butterfly masks today? Why Not?)
And If you don't really feel like coloring today,
 why not try some at home 'Screen Printing.'
And you can use some of these designs for your prints,
if you can't come up with anything on your own.
(Don't know how to D.I.Y. Screen print,
here is one method that I use a lot from Thread Bangers:)

Hope your rainy Sunday is filled with LOTS of coloring and crafting goodness!
Thanks for stopping in,
<3 Holly

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thomas The Train Engine Cake...

Here is the cake I made today at work.
It is a Thomas the train Engine cake.
Here is the original picture

AND here is the cake...
 (I did take a few artistic licenses with the colors.)

 Here is one with the same image I made a few months ago....
 (I only use butter cream, chocolate, and natural food coloring at work.)
I think my Thomas has gotten better since then. 
Thanks, Hope you like! 
<3 Holly

Dolphin Birthday Cake...

So this week I had a cake order at works for a little girl.
She wanted a dolphin, two palm trees, a wave,
and there HAD to be a sun I was told.
I was also told she wanted it to remind her of Florida.
SO, I came up with the idea of making the cake
a vintage-y, "Wish You Were Here",
post card theme.
Something like this....

So here is what I came up with,

 What do you think?
(I should mention I only use butter cream, chocolate,  and all natural food coloring at work.)
I'll post some more cakes soon! 
<3 Holly

Great way to recycle scrap paper.

Here is a cute,and simple
little project idea from
It is a great way to recycle leftover paper from projects,
or maybe even scrap paper from the printer.

They are cute little Note books, made with only a hole punch, 
and fasteners.
(Click the image above for full instructions.)
I guess we are just going to keep it green this weekend.
Go clean out your craft rooms,
and be green about it.
(Here is an idea for the cover of your notepad, 
why not cut a picture out from a magazine or book and glue onto to some card stock.).
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly 

Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Green crafts to make with Cardboard....

Came across this GREAT Green post,
on the great website 
It is a collection of Green D.I.Y. projects,
using recycled cardboard from across the web.
Projects include things like a shelf, laptop stand, side table,
and many more.
Click the picture below to head on over to
Greenupgrader to learn new ways to recycle the cardboard you have in your house.
While you are there check out their other helpful green d.i.y. project articles.
Make being green fun, and useful!
Thanks for stopping by,