Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recent aquisitions!

So I have come into
a few really cool things over the last two weeks,
and I am so excited to share them with you.
My First item is a wooden magazine rack 
I found at a thrift store for $2.00.
 I'm going to sand it down,
and do a distressed paint job on it.
(It is halfway there, and I like the blue color it is painted now.)

Then I came across this Saturday at work.
Someone had dumped it on the side 
of the building.
I went out for my break, looked over, and there it was.
It just started speaking to me, 
"Holly, I was left here so you would find me, 
and give me some love!"
So, I stealthily got my car on the other side of the building,
drove it round the side the trunk was,
and nonchalantly tried to shove it into my trunk.
It didn't fit, 
so I then "Nonchalantly" shoved it into my back seat.
(and free!)
One of the hinges is broken in the back, and it has quite a bit of scratches, but I already have a few ideas of what I want to do with it.
SO exciting.....

AND Then this morning my mom stopped by on her way home from Maine bearing this lovely gift from my Grandmother.
It is an old spring water bottle crate from the camp my grandmother just bought for the family in Maine.
(This Camp let me tell you is a TREASURE trove of cool old things. It Literally has not changed in 40 years.)
I really wanted some old crates to put 
my plants on, on the porch. 
(Some of them just needed a bit of height.)
And, My grandma sent my mom down with this one for me.
It is exactly what I had in mind,
And it is way more special that my grandma gave it to me from the camp.
So I will have my hands quite busy as you can see,
there will be many projects to come!
Thanks for stopping by to check out my finds,
Thanks again Grandma for being the best,
and thanks mom and auntie for breakfast today!
I love you all.
<3 Holly


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fabric Basket Tutorial...

Here is a tutorial on how to make a fabric basket.
Pretty easy and clear steps to follow.
It comes from Moda Bakeshop.
(Click the image above to head on over to the tutorial.)
They call it an "Easter Basket," 
but I think you could make them for whatever you like 
to use around the house.
They also feature one of their products call a "Honey Bun."
Which is a little roll of cute coordinating strips of fabrics.
But, I am going to try this
project out by using scrap fabric,
and fabric salvaged from old clothing.
Just think of all
the things you could do with your own fabric basket.

*You could use it in a babies room to hold
swaddling blankets. 

*Hold towels and facecloths in the bath room.
*Use it in the living room to hold the kids toys.
(Even for your dogs toys, they are your kids too after all, Right?)

*You could also make one to put by your favorite chair in the living room to hold your knitting/ Crocheting.

....and so much more.
Happy basket making!!!
<3 Holly


Friday, May 25, 2012

I love Mosaic projects...

I  have always loved Mosaic Projects,
that's why I hold onto all of the broken pieces
from dishes my
husband breaks (hehe).

I would like to
 one day have enough to 
cover a table top for an outdoor table.
But here is another clever use for recycled tiles 
or broken dishes.
A Mosaic tiled, colorful number for your house.
Click on the Image below for a tutorial
on how to make your own from  Mosaictilearts.com

Have some fun and go make a mosaic of your own,
you can use this technique to 
cover a variety of surfaces!
<3 Holly


Great Green Crafting Idea...

Making wire from plastic bottles!
Yep, apparently you can.
Here is a really cool, and VERY green crafting idea.
You can use it for all sorts of things.
Make fake flowers, or use it for jewelry.
The possibilities are endless.
I found this tutorial on WikiHow
(Click the Image above to go to the tutorial.)
and check out WikiHow for all kinds of other useful
how-to's, or add a how-to of your own to share 
with the world!

Hope you enjoy,
<3 Holly


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pacman Seat Tutorial...

This is awesome.
I want to make one SO bad...
it is a Pacman seat!
I found this Project on Instructables.com
from user Allesflex.
(Click the image below to go to Instructables.com for the tutorial.)

 You KNOW you want one of these for your home!!!
Thanks for sharing this AWESOME project Allesflex,
and thank you for checking out my blog.
<3 Holly


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Construction paper cards...

Well, I've got my construction paper from my hubby now. 
My plans are to make some little collage cards.
 I don't quite know what I am going to do with them yet. 
But it gives me something to do while I plan my next project. 
I this weekend I am going to try to make some 
tab curtains for my bedroom.
But here are the start of some of my cards.
All I have are a few pictures
glued on them.
 I will add text and maybe
some more smaller pictures or scrapbook paper
to alter them.

 When I am done,
I'll either make little booklets, 
mail some out to friends,
or mount them in sets on larger paper.
I some times add them to my inspiration board,
or sketchbook.
 Just another way to get inspired and pass the time.
You should try making some of your own.
<3 Holly


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home made glitter... yes please...

Here is a great tutorial
for home made glitter from Say Yes To Hoboken.
I didn't even know you good MAKE glitter.
This tutorial could really save you if you have
a last minuet project
and you can't leave the house or don't have money to 
run out and get some.
(Also more Eco-friendly than store bought glitter.)
Most likely you will have salt and food coloring
lying around the house.
If you don't make sure you buy some to keep on 
hand for a rainy day!
Click the link below to head over to  Say Yes To Hoboken
for the tutorial!.

<3 Holly


Monday, May 21, 2012

Make your own Knickers!

Check out this 
and COST EFFECTIVE project from 
Cut out and Keep!
(Click Photo below to go to Tutorial)

<3 Holly

Great Idea for a cheap area rug...

Here is a great idea for a cheap area rug from

It is a few smaller rugs sewn together.
(Click the picture below 
to learn how to make one of your own.)

Here are a few other ideas to cover a larger area for little money.

Try placing a few bath mats on the floor in a scattered pattern.
Most bath mats have the grippy- side on the back,
so it would keep them from sliding all
over the floor.
Like this one From IKEA.
It is the GUBBSKĂ„R
It is only $2.99!!!
You could grab a few,
in different colors or the same,
and spread them all around the floor to add interest and pops of color
for very little money.

You could also try sewing together a few woven placemats 
like this one from Crate and Barrel:
for $4.95 each
All you need to do is to add some non-slip matting under your new rug to keep it from sliding all over your floor. 
You can usually find it very cheap at any home improvement store.
Try scouring your local thrift or dollar store 
for some woven place mats 
to sew together.
Maybe you will get lucky and find a rug
for cheap at the thrift
store while your on your search.
You could even find a few
small rugs to sew together like the project from
 Happy Hunting!!!
Hope you find what your looking for.


really cool hoodie embellishment...

Here is a really cool D.I.Y.
hoodie embellishment I found on 
Click on the Image below to go to her tutorial
and to check out her blog.
She has some really cool things are her site, so check her out.
This is such an awesome, yet simple project!
Again, this project is from http://www.maisondesreveries.com
<3 Holly


Sunday, May 20, 2012

I asked my husband to bring me home construction paper, and this is what I got...

I asked my loving husband to bring me home
a pack of construction paper today.
And before he got home,
 he called and told me to wait in the other room.
He then made me close my eyes and led me out to our front porch,
this is what I saw...
Three GORGEOUS hanging baskets of flowers... 
(He read my mind! 
Because right before he got home I was sitting
on the porch wanting some flowers, 
all the green from the veggies I'm growing, were starting 
to look a little bland.)

 and my favorite with these crazy day glow orange flowers...
and then of course my construction paper...
withe even ONE MORE surprise,
adorable Owl and Kitty stickers.............
Thank you for looking,
and THANK YOU hubby for being such a sweet man,
and reminding me every once
in a while why I picked you.
I love you more than anything in the world!

<3 Holly


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Longing for Summer 3...

Well, it's almost here,
just a few more months till
Here are a few more things that I am looking forward too,
and some things I think that will make the
summer great.
 (Click on the pictures for links and tutorials)

1. Summer Rainbow Hair.
Add a splash of color this summer with Rainbow tipped hair.
It would be a fun thing for sun kissed, summer hair.

2.  Glowing Snow cones.
A fun treat for hot summer nights.

3. Watermelon Fruit Baskets.

I think I have always loved the hollowed out watermelon in the shape of a basket,
with fruit salad inside! Eco-Friendly, compostable bowl!

 4. HULA HOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Probably one of THE BEST things about summer is,
Hula Hooping!
(Here is a great tutorial from Jason Unbound 
on how to make your own.)

(That is one of my best friends in the world Abbie, 
showing off her skills at a festival in 2009!)

5. S'Mores... yummy...

Here is a recipe from Healthy Happy Life for some yummy 
Vegan S'Mores.
(Along with some other delicious looking Vegan recipes!)

6. Bonfires 

You need those to make S'Mores!
Nothing better in the summer, than sitting around
a fire with friends, it makes for some
good ol' fashioned, primitive bonding.


Try you hand at throwing your own carnival in the back yard.
Here are a few D.I.Y. Carnival games
you can make at home.
Ring Toss from Cap Creations
 Classic Carnival Game Ideas from Grandparents.com
Food and Booth Ideas from Two Crazy Cupcakes
Duck Pond Game from Carnival Savers
if you would like some ideas for a Carnival themed wedding,
check out 
Carrie and Jon's D.I.Y. carnival wedding on
Recycled Bride.com
(Also good for birthday parties for kids OR adults.
Maybe even a house warming party, engagement party,
wedding shower,
or even a baby shower!
For kids, give tickets to games so they can win
little toy prizes.
For adults, give tickets so they can win little prizes
like candles, a bottle of wine, e.t.c.)

8. Summer Comfy Dress

Or as I like to call it, my Summer Moo Moo.
I think everyone needs at least one or two dresses for the
summer that are SO comfy, 
you can wear them to the beach, 
out for a summer day,
even comfy enough to wear to bed.
Try a flowy dress like the one above from 
Etsy shop After Shower Shop. 

9. The Perfect Summer Bag

Let's face it, we tend to carry more things in the summer,
Sun block, lip gloss, e.t.c..
And we need the perfect bag to hold it all.  
Try embellishing a simple canvas tote bag for a light, easy to carry summer bag for all your needs.
Like the one above from BeingZhenya.
You could also try screen printing your own bag,
I made some for my bridesmaids
as gifts.
The possibilities are endless. 

10. Camping

Whether it be at a festival, a camp ground,

or in the back yard;
camping is the number one thing to do in the summer.
If you can't get away to camp,
set up a big camp out in your own outdoor space!
You can include many other things on this list in your camp out,
as well as some on the Longing for Summer 1 
and Longing for Summer 2 posts.
Invite other family members and friends to join in the fun.
You can also try some other activities like:

* Taking turns reading a classic book aloud together.
 (My husband and I did this on our honey moon, 
reading the Hobbit to each other.)

*Telling ghost stories
(Here are some ghost stories from TLC Family 
that are fun for the whole family.)

*Decorate the back yard in Glow sticks 
(Here is a make your own glow sticks tutorial from Nurd Rage.)

*Have a sing along by the camp fire
(Get a friend who plays the guitar to come over and play some easy tunes that everyone will know)

*Pretend to be explorers with the kids and make up explore names
for each other.
(for the adults, make up new nicknames and call each other by them for your whole camping trip.)

*Write a story together while sitting around the fire.
(Base it off your explorer alter egos, and elect one person to be the scribe.) 

*Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! 
Enjoy the summer!!!!!

 enjoy the summer!!!!!

<3 Holly


Friday, May 18, 2012

The real bear

 (This is my personal photo of my little bear, please do not use.)
Will the real panda bear please stand up!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crochet School....

So i have wanted to Re-Learn how to crochet forever!
My Grandmother taught me how to 
crochet when I was little, 
but since then I have completely forgotten how.
 My desire to learn has grown
 since I received a little box of CUTE crochet patterns
in a gift basket I received from a good friend for my wedding
since I found the Crochet Pattern Jackpot!
(Click above to discover it too!) 
I have been very keen to make some of them,
especially the REALLY cute animal and character
crochet patterns.

Now, thanks to The CraftyMinx,
I can go to Crochet School
and you can too!!!
Check it out.
She has put up 23 Lessons on crocheting, complete with videos,
and even a Mid Term Exam!
So, thank you for sharing the WEALTH of your information
And thank you guys for coming to my blog,
Happy Crocheting!



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Really nifty idea....

Here is a really nifty and thrifty
project to help organize your idea board!
 Twig Push pins.
This project comes from 
(Click the picture below to see how to make them.)

You can make BIG ones and little ones.
It would add a nice rustic touch
to your home or even your
office space.
Why not bring a little bit
of hand made design 
to the work place. 
It would add a warm and cozy touch,
to an otherwise cold environment.
 Plus twigs and branches are FREE, all you have to do is take a walk.
You can get some exercise while your at it.

Here is another great idea
for pins for your inspiration board.
I use little $1.00 pins I buy
at my local hand made store MagPie
or ones that I collect
from bands, as pins in my inspiration board.
Like this.

Thanks for looking, 
have fun on your walk and crafting!
<3 Holly



Pop the bubbly,
I reached 2000 views on the page today!!!!
And the most hits in a day than I ever had befor
Here it is!!!
Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me!
<3 Holly


Push Pin and String Wall Mural

Here is a great way to display
your framed cards, art prints, and photographs.
A Push Pin and String Wall Mural.
 I found this great project featured on ApartmentTherapy.com.
All you need are some push pins,
and A LOT of string or twine.
This is a great project if you aren't aloud to
paint your walls, to add interest,
and color if you use some brightly colored string.
Would also be cool for dorm rooms!
The project comes from artist Kathryn Anderson of
Click HERE to got o the instructions.

Hope you enjoy!


Quikie Art project

So I have scribbling down ALL kinds of ideas
for future posts and projects.
But still have a long way
until I get any of them done.
In the meantime,
I thought I'd share this quickie little project
I did for the house today.

I received this photo collage frame for our wedding,
but didn't really have any photos to put in it.

(Yes, even after being married for almost two years,
I STILL haven't had my photos printed.)
So I decided to make a little card collage display with it instead.
 I went to my keep sake box, and I picked out a few cards that
had some really great images on the front,
and just a little text.
Here are the ones that I chose.
1. A Holly Hobbie card that has been kicking around for a while.
But I like the distressed look to it.

2. A card that we got for our wedding.
I really like the retro couple.

 3. Another cool card from our wedding.
I chose it for it's cool graphics, and vintage touch.

4. And of course the card I just received the other day
from my friend Kelly.
 Looks really cute all together.
 I have it sitting on the computer desk.

It is a great way to display cards that you get that
you don't want to throw away.
The thing that might take the longest,
is sifting through all those cards! 
If your card is too small for the picture frame you have,
try sticking it to some paper, plain or patterned, 
to make up for the size difference. 
And during the holidays, you can switch out
the cards for seasonal decoration.
You can display your Christmas and Hanukkah cards, for example,
as they come in the mail!

<3 Holly


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Honor of the Royal Anniversary ....

As many of you know,
the royal couple just celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary
on April 29th.
So in honor of their 1 year, and the upcoming wedding season,
I thought I'd share a few ideas so you can have
your own tastefully inspired 
 royal wedding! 

1. The Invitations:

I think a great way to give your wedding a Royal feel
is to incorporate the theme in your invitations.
After all, your invitations are the first impression your guests
get about what kind of wedding you are going to have.
A great way to add a royal touch
to your invites would be to use the program of 
the royal wedding as inspiration.
The Royal Wedding program featured 
Prince William's coat of arms on the cover,
and on the back Kate's family's coat of arms.
You could do something similar
on your invites or program
by featuring you and your fiance's coat of arms.
(Here are the Coat of Arms I made for Paul and I.
Using My Blazon.com)
Once you know what your Coat of Arms are,
combined them and use
it as your symbol on things all throughout the wedding.
Here is the Duke and Duchess's Combined.
Don't know what your family coat of arms is? 
Try a Google image search. 
There are many websites that have this information.
Usually these sites also print your coat of arms on things like cups and T-shirts, some of these products might be handy for gifts to the wedding party or parents of the bride and groom.
Don't have a coat of arms?
There are also many websites where you can create your own,
or generate your own.
Here are a few I found.
(Where you can also search for your name.)
(I really liked this site! It generates one for you.
But you should right click and save your picture right after it is generated, I had problems receiving my image to download) 
 (Has some great advice for making one for more artistic people.)

2. Location:
While getting married in Westminster Abbey like Will and Kate,
is probably not a possibility for you;
Why not try to find a very ornate church in your area.
If getting married in a church is not your thing,
add some ornate decorative touches that
mimic those in Westminster.
Line the aisle with live trees to imitate Kate's 
walk down the aisle in the Abbey. 
(You might want to go a bit smaller on the scale though.)

The trees can be re-used as decoration for the reception, and given away to guests at the end of the night.
Another great idea to add a touch of Abbey-like grandeur,
is to find a location with stained glass windows,
or create a free standing stained glass
to stand in front of when you say your vows!
(Way better than a boring old archway,
 those would be some beautiful photos.)
See if you can find a local artist that makes stained glass,
or search for one on Etsy.com,
or try your hand with some glass paint and make your own.
(Try Gallery Glass paint.)  

3.The Cake
Keep it simple but ornate.
The royal couple had an all white cake.
Make yours all white as well, with white flowers
and classic borders.
And instead of a bride and groom cake topper, 
copy the white floral sprig that was a top their cake.
It is very sophisticated.

4. The Dress
Kate had a GORGEOUS and elegant dress made by
Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.
Since the wedding, there have been plenty of knock off versions.
(Fun Fact: My mom wore a Princess Diana style wedding
 dress when she married my father.) 

Have great knock-offs
(Go to "My Royal Wedding" Pinterest board to find some other similar dresses I found.) 
Can't find the one that you like, make one.
Butterick has the "Royal Dress Pattern," and
Simplicity has a pattern that is similar.
(Including a Pippa look a like dress.)

5.Horse drawn carriage 
 Arrive and Leave in style.
Find a local company that has a horse drawn carriage,
and have them bring you to the church.
Ask your guest to wait outside for your arrival,
like the spectators of the royal wedding watched Kate arrive.
When the ceremony is over, you and your new hubby
can leave in the horse drawn carriage Royalty style.
(You could really get fancy and have a red carpet leading into the church to make you feel really royal.)

6. Color Scheme

Keep your colors royal.
I based this pallet on the Prince's royal uniform.
Use rich royal blue's and red's, with
touches of gold in your decorations.

7. Bridesmaids

Be bold and let your Bridesmaids wear white.
Just like Kate let her sister Pippa wear.
Here are some Pippa dress look-a-likes.
(Check out more I found on my Pinterest board.)
or make your own with these patterns from
 (which is combined with a look alike pattern of Kate's dress.)
Have all your bridesmaids wear this dress, or dress them all in white.

And to go even further,
 if your friends aren't to disappointed,
have your bridal party be young kids in the family,
like the royals do.
Here is another great pattern from Butterick,
 if you choose to make 
the kids your bridesmaids, or just
for the flower girls.

 8. What will the men wear?
A royal uniform to much of a costume for your man?

Try having the men wear what the British call "Morning Suits."
It is what all the male guests at the royal wedding wore, 
including Kate's Father.

 It is a suit that follows the British daytime formal dress code.
Have the Groomsman and your Hubby to be sport these
fancy suits, and wear Royal blue vests, 
with Red ties to keep with your Royal color scheme.

9. Crazy Hats!

Encourage your guests to dress like the Royal guests did,
and have the women wear some ornate hats.
It will be just like playing dress up
for your guests, and adds a fun element to you wedding.
They don't have to be TO crazy, 
but when do girls ever get to dress up with big hats?
Bring a touch of the vintage by suggesting 
your female guests wear old fashioned pill box hats.
You can find some all over the place.
Here are some from Etsy shops. 

10. The Music

Want to add that extra Royal wedding touch?
Use the same songs
that Duke and Duchess did for their ceremony.
Kate walked down the aisle to
"I Was Glad" by Sir Hubert Parry.
Find the rest of the songs used here

There are many more things you can do to give your wedding 
a Royal face lift, 
but there I have given you just a few.