Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magazine Art Prints...

So this past week I've been playing around
with ways to make some recycled art for around the house.
I, like many other creative types,
suffer from hoarding magazines.
I rip pages out and save them for inspiration, in projects, or just because I plain like them.
I've always appreciated the artistic editorial photos
as little pieces of art in and of themselves.
I have also always loved the idea of framing them 
just like photos, 
(A little bit of a grownup way of making magazine collages, 
like you do when your a teenager.)
and using them to decorate around the house.
It is an easy and Eco-friendly way to throw a bit
of art or color on your wall, for both creative people
and for the artistically challenged alike.
So here is the simple project I came up with.

Unique Magazine Prints
All you need are magazines, a printer, a standard 8X10 picture frame and some imagination.

The first step is to chose some magazine pictures that
are light and bright, so that it will be easy to print on them.
(You want to make sure that you choose pictures that
are free of text or logos. A little bit is OK
if it is on the bottom because you'll trim it a little bit.)

Next step is to find another image to print over 
your chosen magazine page.
Now you aren't using these images for any monetary gain
so you don't have to worry too much
about where you get your second image from.
(You could even use a photo that you yourself have taken.)
But, if you do worry, there are many places on the
internet where you can find images that 
are free for you to use.
Try the Flickr group: Free Use Photos
(You can also try searching for photos that are "Public Domain."
A lot of public domain photos tend to be older vintage photos,
which can add another great element to your print.) 

The possibilities of images to overlay are endless.
The key is to think outside the box and 
get very creative.
Images like maps, field drawings of plants, and Pics of flowers
for example, make for some
really cool image combinations.
Here are a couple of samples of things you can do.
(The print on the left is a photo I took in Boston when Banksy hit the city, and the right are Gerber daisies laid over a
black and white picture from a magazine.)
The magazine paper does not take the ink very well,
it will rub off very easily, so be careful as
it comes out of the printer.
I hung mine up on an inspiration wire over night to let it dry.
 In the morning I took a hair dryer to them, 
to help set the ink.
(They still remain a bit smudgey, I'm thinking about experimenting with a fixatif spray next time I make them to see if that helps.)
Lastly, place them in the 8X10 picture frame, and trim the bottom bit off with an exacto knife.
 Voila, a few simple steps,
and you have some cool unique art prints for your space.
Here are my two favorites.

I hope you enjoyed my little project,
and experiment with making some of your own.

<3 Holly

Friday, April 27, 2012

Working on a little tutorial...

....But until it is done,
 here is a peak
at the progress I made on the painting I've been 
working on.
 Well there ya go,
stay tuned I should have 
the tutorial for the art prints done 
tonight or tomorrow!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Magazine Art

So I have been working on a little project today,
making art prints using pictures
from magazines.
This is not just your average collage
using magazine clippings.
Here is a sneak preview.
(sorry the picture isn't so good, I'll take some better ones tomorrow when it is all done) 

Stay tuned I'll tell you how to make some yourself!


A Circus Star is born...

Here is a small gouache painting I did last night.
I was working on a much larger painting on canvas,
but became frustrated and did this instead.

 Thanks for checking it out,
hopefully I will be able to finish the other painting soon.
(Without getting frustrated again would be nice.)

<3 Holly

Found this picture...

I found this picture today,
I don't know where it originally came from,
but it popped up on StumbleUpon today. 
It is tagged with,
but they don't always give credit to who 
ever took the photo.
I have to say however, that it is AWESOME!
I LOVE  Hayao Miyazaki.
And I love "Spirited Away."
and I love Love LOVE Studio Ghibli
(Although "My Neighbor Totoro" is my favorite!)

<3 Holly

Oh Sharpie...

Oh Sharpie, How I love you,
let me count the ways.

I LOVE using Sharpie Markers
for a variety of my arts and crafts projects. 
I love the smooth color I get from them.
Well, Sharpie has now come out
with a "Liquid Pencil."
It is smooth like a sharpie marker,
but you can erase it like 
a regular pencil.
 I discovered this amazing new pencil
which features all kinds of cool, new design things.
In disbelief I went to the sharpie website,
and there it was.
I know I'm going to go out and buy one TODAY!
I'll let you know what I think!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Candle Stop Motion

Really cool Candle Stop Motion
I found on You Tube.
From the Brusspup YouTube Channel.
 People just come up with the coolest Ideas.


Decided to paint today

I haven't painted on a canvas in a while,
so today I decided to pull out a painting I started 
working on a while ago.
I wasn't happy with the way it was coming out,
so I just tucked it away in the studio for about a year.
Today just seemed like a good day to tackle it again.
I started painting over some of the parts that
I thought weren't working well,
and it is starting to take shape.

Thanks for checking it out.
I'll post the finished painting when it is done.
<3 Holly

Monday, April 23, 2012

If you need an Inspirational Story...

So as I was waiting to get my inspection sticker for the new car today,
I picked up the April 2012 issue of Glamour sitting on the table next 
to me to kill some time.
In there was an article about Giuliana Rancic's
struggle with breast cancer and her double mastectomy.
If some of you don't know, she is a reporter on E! News. 
I generally don't follow any of the Celeb gossip and fashion
commentary shows, but reading her story was really 
inspiring. It was a great story about a woman being strong,
a husband being supportive of his wife,
and of a woman using the gift of her celebrity
to share her story to help others.
You can read the story in the April 2012 issue of Glamour,
or on their website right now: 

Diary of a Mastectomy: Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Her story is really worth a read.

She also has a Twitter account you can follow her on:

 Giuliana Rancic

 Hope you are touched by her story like I was.

Thank You Giuliana Rancic for sharing your story with the world.


I love Marden's and the Christmas Tree Shop!

So while on my weekend travels to Maine 
over the last few weeks,
not only have I acquired a car,
I have also gotten my hands on some new crafting ammo!
Here are a few of my new goodies.

First off, we have some cute simple patterns from
I bought them at this great Maine surplus store called
They have a great fabric section, at really great prices.
I like to visit when I'm up in Maine, because you never know 
what awesome gems you are going to find.
Each one of the patterns I only paid a $1.00 for!
They are nothing fancy, but great for a few
summer basics.

#1: Two Summery shirt patterns.
#2: Adorable Summer dress and basic A-Line Skirt patterns.

I also bought TWO new craft books!!!!!

#1: A Contemporary Tye-Dye Book
Which I also got at Marden's for $4.99!
(HELLO! Summer project, who'd like to join me for some Tye- dying?) 
(You can find it on

#2: A book on Applique Techniques
that I got at the Christmas Tree Shop in South Portland, Me
I think I paid $3.99 for this one.
 (You can also find this book on for close to the same price.)
So, I'm excited to get inspired and start a few new projects.
(Like I don't have enough already! hehe)

Hope you have a few projects of your own to look forward to!
<3 Holly

Weekend in Maine

So I just came back from another weekend in Maine.
This time I have returned with our new car!
My Grandma gave us my Grandfather's car.
While I was there I
started a few more rough sketches
for my Mom's book.
Did I mention rough sketches?
But I'd like to share them anyways.

#1. Grandma's House 
(for the opening page of the book I'm thinking.)
 #2 Ladybug landing
(Amaya makes a new friend)
#3 & 4 Some ideas for Viola
(A little character in Mom's book)

Thanks again Grandma!
...and thanks for checking this out!
<3 Holly

Friday, April 20, 2012

Yes! I need to make these...

Here is a great little project,
and a great blog you should go take a look at.
The blog is Gleeful Things 
and the project are these cute, clip-on Bear ears. 
Super adorable, easy to follow, kudos to Gleeful things! 

<3 Holly

T-shirt Mixed media video...

Very creative mixed media video,
using stop motion animation and printed t-shirts.
From the Rhett and Link channel on youtube.
It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can get.
Check out this video, 
and when your done go to their Youtube page,
and check out more from theses guys.

<3 Holly

You mean I can have my own fabric printed?

Just found this website where you can have
your own fabric designs printed.
It might be a little more than I'm used to paying for fabric, 

The company is called
They are based out of Durham, NC
They offer you the chance to design, print, AND SELL
your own fabric designs.
My prayers are answered!
This is something I have always wanted to do.
I have to investigate it more, 
but again I say, this is SOOOOO COOL!
They have weekly contests for designs,
and offer a great variety of printing and fabric options, 
and it is Eco- Friendly printing, which I'm all about.
(Considering I like to recycle most of my fabrics from old clothes,
or thrift store finds as much as I can.)

You can also find these guys on
Facebook: Spoonflower 
Twitter: Spoonflower 
Flickr: Spoonflower 

They have been featured in a whole bunch of GREAT
Home and Craft Publications.
Check out their ABOUT page. 

Maybe there is a fabric designer waiting to be unleashed inside of you?
Maybe this is the place to let him/her out!

I know I would like to give it a whirl.
Thank you Spoonflower 
for giving us creative types a cool tool to help us 
turn our creativity into something tangible.

Thanks you guys for checking out my blog.
<3 Holly 

Crochet Pattern Jackpot!

OK, so here is one of those times
where i REALLY wished I crocheted!
I just found this adorably, cool web site called
It is a website made by, two lovely people
who have taken the time to gather
up patterns from across the web and place them on
one page.
They give all credit, where credit is due
to the people who have created these patterns.
I think the setup of the web page is great.
You have to hit the "like" button on the page with the picture
of the pattern,in order to get to the patterns actual location.
That is a great way to really support 
the people making them
Some are free, some you pay for, 
BUT all are CUTE!!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites!
(Click on images to go to that pattern's page)
Cute Little Clam....
(I love Narwhals, there is a silly connection with my hubby)
Great White Shark!!! 
(OK I know, I LOVE my sea creatures!)
Hello Kitty (Duh!)
OWL! (My all time fave.)
Green Pig
 (who hasn't gotten addicted to angry birds?)
Cupcakes YUM!
Fox <3
....They have many more, so go take a look.
You can also check these guys out on 
Facebook: Amigurumi
Twitter:  Amigurumi Patterns
Hope you enjoy, and if anyone wants to 
teach me how to crochet so I can make some of these, 
let me know! 
and Thank you
for making such an awesome resource crafters,
and great website that supports them!
<3 Holly

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Target Garden finds for under $20.00!

So I was wandering around Target
the other day,
just killing some time,
and I found some really cool things for my
porch garden.
Including three packs of seeds,
my whole little surprise, shopping spree,
total came in under 20 bucks!

 The first two items came from the little 
dollar spot in Target when you first walk in the door.
(I don't know if the Targets all over the country have them as well.)

Here they are....(I'm so excited to share these!)
1. Flower pots that came in multiple colors for $2.50 each:
(I plan on going back for a few more.) 
 I think I might paint something on them.

2. Cute little Hippo watering can for a $1.00!
I mean does it get ANY cuter than that!

The last items I found in the garden section.
(But you can also find them online at

3. OWL Planter Stakes!!!!!!!!!!!
(P.S. I think one thing you should know about me is,
Can't wait till all my porch garden is in full swing!
Thanks for checking out my swag.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lady Bug Nursery

Well, here you go.
The completed, "Lady Bug Nursery."

<3 Holly 

Working in the sun....

Well I have to say, 
today has been what I have been praying for!
I have just been sitting on the porch,
working on an illustration all day.
My mom is writing my niece a story,
and she asked me to illustrate it.
Here is a little something I'm working on,
I'll post the finished piece when I'm done.

It is a "Lady Bug Nursery."
<3 Holly

really cool photos that are not photo- shopped

Came across a really cool article today
on that had 
21 images that were not photo-shopped.

This one is probably my favorite:
 Very cool, go and take a look!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Check it out...

Go check out my Facebook page.
I just posted some pictures of older paintings I have done.
It have other drawings and paintings posted there as well,
 you should check out!
"Like" the page, show some love.
Here is a little of what you'll find.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's a little late but...

Before I go to bed,
I wanted to share a little midnight post.

I try to post all kinds of things on the blog,
and lately I've only been posting things I've been doing.
So, I wanted to share this video with you.
I came across it a while ago, 
and just happened across it again tonight.
It is an artist named Michael Raivard,
who paints on a surface using only glue, 
then throws glitter on the painting when he is done to reveal
the picture.
He is really cool to watch,
especially because he does it really fast.
Check him out.

*Here is the first video I ever saw of him*

*And here are a few more I found*

Thanks guys,
And sweet dreams!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elephant on a unicycle

Good afternoon!
So I have A lot of ideas for children's
 book swirling in my head.
I'm always jotting little story lines down,
or drawing little character concepts in my sketch book.
Today I wanted to share one I did a few weeks ago
for a circus story I have floating around in my head.
 I really want to come up with a few more scenes like this
with some other circus animals, and flesh out the story.
For now though, I was quite proud of this little illustration!
Thanks for checking it out, 
and tell me what you think by leaving me a comment 
or email!
<3 Holly

Coloring Book!

So I have been getting the house organized the last week or so,
and I have been neglecting the blog.
Bad Holly!
I also have had another activity taking up my time,

Yes, I went out and bought a coloring book last week.
I had been talking about it for a while, I just kept getting the urge to color as I would be sitting watching TV, 
and I'm glad I listened and indulged my inner child's voice!
I forgot how much fun it was to color.
It also turns out to bed very therapeutic. 
So please take my Advice, 
and go out and get yourself a coloring book and some crayons.

 (For a few days all I had to color with was
 one pack of 16 Metallic crayons + 3 stray crayons floating around in my embroidery floss box.

Sometimes, not having a lot of colors is fun though, 
makes you get even more creative. But after two days of that
I REALLY indulged and bought the 96pack of crayons.)

I find it to be a really great way to relax

AND it is super fun, 
Coloring is the perfect little task to get absorbed into,
 it is creative enough to exercise your brain, 
but simple enough so your not thinking about any of the day's worries.
So, grab a glass of wine or a beer, 
even a cup of coffee or tea and start coloring!
Trust me, if you listen to me, you will thank me later.

<3 Holly