Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Summer Garden

Here we are again. 
Me apologizing for not being around. 
I have been very bummed about not hanging out on here and writing.
I feel like I have had PLENTY to write about, 
and just not the time and energy.
(Mostly no energy!!!)

But the garden is beginning to take shape.
So it is time for my annual
urban farm tour.

I got a little crazy this year.

We will start our tour on the stairs.
from the top down:
In the red round bin we have some Kale.
In the wooded crate to the right are some Cherry tomatoes.
(Which actually just grew back in the soil from last year when spring came.
I found them sprouted up in the dirt... I was so happy!)
Underneath the matoes we have some Cherry Belle Radishes.
(I have them sequentially planted to there are little babies in there along with some that I am almost ready to harvest.)
Then in the long planter to the left of my radishes we have some Green beans
(I had to plant more of these guys because these were the seedlings that survived having to be left inside longer due to Mass' very chilly and windy spring.)

Now down the stairs.
(P.S. sorry about my little feetsies in the picture above.)
Ok so here we have my Larger Moskvich Tomatoes against the railing. 
To the left of the tomatoes we have some JalapeƱos down towards the bottom of the stairs.
And towards the top in the blue pot with pink flowers we have Gardenias.
Right above the Kale in the red planter I have Parsley and Nasturtium

Now for the left side of the stairs.
Down the bottom we have some Light Bright Swiss Chard.
(Which is all different colors.)
then in the middle buckets we have some Edamame.
AND front and center we have some Cucumbers which I am going to trail off the side of the porch.
(I have four plants in there now, I am going to experiment and see how they do. If they don't work out, I am going to convert something else in the house into a planter.) 

A great shot of the whole right side of the porch.

Here is the other half of the porch.
on the railing in the teal and red pots I have various flower seedlings.
In the planter box with the sticks are Sugar Peas.
The Hanging basket furthest away is a bandana plant and the one in front of the flag are Purple Pansies.

On the floor right below that stuff.
We have Vidalia Onions in the long planters in the back.
In the red and white buckets are some Bib Lettuce.
And tucked up against the railing we have Broccoli

This corner looks much nicer since I took this picture yesterday.
Here we have some various flowering plants. 
such as a Christmas Cactus in the back there.
Then several Gerbera Daisies,
and some Four O'clock flowers in the pot on the chair.

This spot by the door is basically Basil city.
The big pot is my Day Lily.
Underneath is my mama Basil Plant.
The pot with what looks like a feather sticking out, is a Mother-in-law's Tongue baby.
All the way to the left are some more Four O'clock flowers.
In the pot with the lime green border are Begonias. 
The rest of all those little seedlings are basil as I said.

So there you have the grand tour.
I love container gardening, there is such a thrill in experimenting what plants you can grow in a small space.
I know some of you would be looking at the picture and saying "She will never get anything from that plant in that small pot."
But I think you'll find that sometimes the plant likes breaking the rules.
In my opinion it is all one big science experiment. 
I'm learning something new every year!
And I will continue to grow with very garden.
(You like cheesy joke? hehe)

Well thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed my little porch garden.
I am no expert but please feel free to share any questions, or your own triumphs and failures.
Until next time.

<3 Holly 

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