Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pop-up Holiday Cards

Happy First Night of Hanukkah!

Thanks for coming!
I wanted to share this great craft to do with the kids this season:
Pop-up Holiday Cards!

I have done pop-ups a few times with my after school program kids
and they are always a crowd pleaser. 

They are fun and super easy to do.

All you need is some construction paper
(Scrapbook and card stock will work as well what ever you have.
You could even use a recycled brown paper bag!)

Some white paper for your card insert
as well as things to embellish with.
Markers, glitter, glue, pictures, e.t.c.

What I like to do is to search for free Clipart 
on theme of the pop-up cards I'm making.
For this instance Winter, Hanukah, or Christmas.

When I printed them out, 
I printed 6-9 on each page so they printed out small enough to fit in the cards.
Also to save paper and allow the kids their choice
to use the same picture more than once.

I cut them out and made little stacks for each kid to choose what they wanted.
You can find all kinds of great clipart on google in black and white so they can color them in.
(OR in color if that saves time.)

You can of course do a regular cards with the kids like below.
I like to give them the option.

To prepare the cards 
I have the kids fold both the outside of the card 
the white insert of the card in half the fat way.

To prepare the pop up it is really easy.
All you need to do is make a few cuts
(no more than half way up)
on the folded side of your insert.
For each surface you want to glue on you need to make 2 cuts.
I usually like to make 3 pop-out pieces to glue things on.
(So that would be 6 cuts.)
I like to space them out with 2 skinnier spots on the outside,
and a fatter one in the middle. 

Next you need to fold in the pieces you cut.
Basically you take each section you cut
And fold it back inside the card in the opposite direction from the fold.

Then all you need to do is glue the insert into your card. I like gluing one side at a time to make sure the folds match up to each other.
This helps you make sure your card will open without any problems.
(Make sure that when the glue is applied it only goes on the insert where it touches  the card. 
Or else the pop-ups won't pop out.)

This is what the finished product will look like. 
If you can't get to a printer you can also have kids draw their own picture on white paper and cut them out and paste them.
You could also have things printed at a staples or OfficeMax. 
They offer prints for a few cents on plain paper. 
You could also look into your local library and their computer printing policy. 
Talk to the librarian at the desk and explain what you need. 
The library might also have clip art books you could simply photocopy from.
The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Handmade Holidays!!
Happy first night of Hanukkah!!!

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