Sunday, November 23, 2014

Creating the Holidays for little or no money

(Our first Christmas as a little family together Me, Papa Bear, Panda Bear, and the girl in the box is our Ivy Girl)

For some growing up without much money drives them
to be more materialistic when they are older.
For me I suppose that might have been true when I was 
in my early 20's but now i look at things
a lot differently.
I look back and cherish making hand made
ornaments with my mother 
or the simple act of baking cookies.
For me the Holidays were filled with so much more than 
things that cost money.
They were filled with memories with loved ones.
I'm really happy to have learned
this early on in life.
Some people never get it.
I think handmade is the best way to make a holiday.
Especially when we don't have much money to begin with.
Because of all these things I wanted 
to write some specials post 
on how to do the Holidays for those of us who don't
have much money.
I'd like to cover the basics of decorating
and gifts.
Heres to our special handmade holidays!
And making them about the things that truly matter most.

First Post: Handmade Pom Pom Garland

<3 Holly