Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Slackin'

OH I've promised you so many times that I will be more faithful.
It's a wonder you even trust me any more.
(DO you trust me any more?)

I've totally been detracted by gardening, work (1st and 2nd Job),
My husbands new job...e.t.c..
(Excuses Excuses Holly I know!)
It has just been hard to force my self to sit down and
connect here.
(I also haven't had to many projects going because the porch garden has been one BIG) project.

So on that note,
let me give you the Grand tour.
We've Got 

Hot peppers

Bib Lettuce, Romaine, & Spinach for DAYS!

(Those are carrots hanging out in the background although the greens are a little floppy because I just watered them.)

LOTS of basil
(these are only the Baby plants)

we've got MATOES!!!!!!!
(Or Tomatoes in the common tongue) 

(I'm Working on a little tutee for my D.I.Y. tomato stakes)
some Cherry tomatoes!!!

Summer Squash


Scallions FOREVER!!! 
(This is just the little pot. I have another one with bigger buggers.)

I had little Strawberries but my squirrel friend ate them.
(That's ok I'm not even mad about it.)

I'm growing some little Radishes
(They haven't popped up yet. I just had to replant them.)

It's crazy I have more veggies and edibles this year than I do flowers.
I'm quite proud of myself.
A lot of these I grew from seeds.
(I started way back in the winter!)
Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen!
Well There it is!
I am going to go finish up my tomato stakes.
and make some Ice-tea.
And I'll post them when I am done.
Happy Summer Day!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly

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