Wednesday, July 30, 2014

D.I.Y. Tomato Stakes from what you have in the house

So this year I am proud to say that I have THRIVING 
Tomato plants!

I didn't really want to go out and spend money to stake them however.
Do I concocted a plan to make my own.
My first plan was just to use some found sticks and some twine.
(Which would do just nicely I might add.)
But, then as the hamster in my brain began to run around in it's wheel,
(AS it often does at a furious pace)
I came up with another plan.
Due to my husband working in a restaurant we end up with many wire coat hangers in our house.
(Due to the fact that the laundry services use them to hang the Chef coats on.
So if you are a laundry service in the Boston area and you were wondering where they all went. 
They are in my closet.)
Last year I used them to make a wreath with detachable
Holiday decorations.
That DID get rid of a few.
But I thought I would use them for my Tomato plants as stakes this time around. 
Happy to say I did get rid of a few more.

Here is what I did.

First I got some wire coat hangers and a pair of pliers

Next I cut the hanger right at the base of the hook part.
(Note: you probably have to wiggle it back and worth unless you have a heavy duty pair of pliers.)

Then I bent them out to as straight as they would go.
(They don't need to be that straight... just straight-ish.)

I bent the hooks at the end in a little bit so that when I stuck them in the pot I could connect them at the top to make them extra sturdy. 

After that I gathered up all my materials.
(you will need something to secure each of your hanger poles to gather to make them sturdy.
I used some synthetic twine I recycled from what was used to tie our Christmas tree together.)

I stuck all four into my pot 
(four to a pot evenly-ish spaced out should work just fine.)

Then I connected my little hooks.

...AndI began wrapping my twine around from the top to the bottom.

I just noted one end and started to go around and around supporting the heavier branches.

When I got to the next stake i simply did one wrap around it then continued on. 

You could do this in separate pieces of twin for each tier if you'd like. I chose to do one continuous piece.
When I wanted to to make to make the next level down.
I simply tied a knot and brought the twine down the length of the stake to my desired spot, 
made another knot, 
and kept going.

If I really need to adjust the twine in the future,
it will be really easy for me to unwrap and re-wrap the whole thing.
I don't for see this happening.
My plants are in containers so they will not get to much bigger than they already are.

So there you go.
A free way to stake your tomato plants with stuff lying around the house.

It has served me well so far.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and growing season.
I just got my first ripe tomato 

with a second one getting ready close behind.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon!

<3 Holly

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