Friday, June 13, 2014

"The Container Garden Experiment" Scallions from clippings

You must have seen it by now.
Growing your own food from kitchen scraps.
SO COOL, right?
It is awesome.
One of the easiest ones I have found is regrowing scallions from the ends leftover after you have bought them from the grocery store.
The question is,
WHY have I not done this sooner?

There are many different methods out there,
but it really doesn't take much.
Heck, you can grow them in a glad of water!

Here is how I grew mine, READY?

So first I took the leftover ends.
(When you cut them, try to leave a good portion on the bottom, it will help them grow a little faster.)

Then I stuck them in a pot of soil, with a little room in-between each end.
But they really don't mind getting cozy! ;)
(Leave a little of the top exposed.)

In a few days they should look like these little shortys below.
(this was a 4-5 day growth.)

in a few weeks....
BAM these guys!!!
(You don't need to water them like crazy they are pretty easy going,
I'd say every few days -once a week when they are little, and around every other day - every few days when they are bigger.)

When you are ready to harvest them,
just snip a stock off just above the root.
They will just keep that yummy goodness coming.
(They are also pretty hardy, I started growing mine indoors in the late winter.
You can have scallions all year round!)

This is a fun (and yummy) science experiment for adults and kids.
There are more food scraps I would like to experiment with.
(I'm currently trying out a large yellow onion.)
I think my next one will be celery... mmmmm!

Thanks for stopping by,
have fun growing and experimenting.
There is nothing like the pleasure and satisfaction of growing your own food!
(Especially when you don't have to have much of a green thumb for this one.)

<3 always
Holly Lynn Clark

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