Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easy pot from recycled plastic bucket!

Well as you know I LOVE recycling things for my projects. In fact that's what I base most of them on.
Here is a project PERFECT for Spring!

I acquired this red bucket (which held raspberry jam in it) from work.

I loved the red color of it, and I had plans to use it to store some craft supplies in. 

But when I got it home I looked at it in a whole new light. 
"FLOWER POT" my brain screamed at me!

So I took some rubbing alcohol and removed the rest of the sticker left on it and got a hammer, screw driver, and a screw.

I took the hammer and VERY gently tapped just the end of the screw in the bucket so I wouldn't crack the plastic. 
(I will admit I cracked it a little on making the first hole hehe) 

After that I took my screw driver and twisted the screw back and forth pushing down again GENTLY until the screw pushed all the way through.
(If you have a drummer drill or regular drill you can do this part very easily not hammer or anything required!) 

I went all the way around and made two semi evenly spaced rows. 

I then used the lid for the tray to catch all the excess water.

You have a perfectly functioning flower pot. 
(If the only buckets you can get have things printed on them, you can always paint over them with a few coats of artist quality acrylic paints. And optionally seal them with a spray acrylic sealer to make the paint job last a little longer.)

Have fun!
And happy planting!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

<3 Holly 


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