Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doll/ Fairy House from Recycled house hold items!

a little while ago I posted a picture of the Doll/ Fairy house I was
working on.
Here is the final result!
(And how I made it from basically trash)
P.S. I split the post up into two parts because it was a little picture heavy.
P.P.S.With the Holidays coming up,
a handmade doll house would make a great gift. 

Here is how I got started:
1st I gathered some cardboard I had been saving from different things around the house.
(for the base I used a double layer of corrugated cardboard,
and everything else was the kind of cardboard from cereal boxes.)
What you need:
Masking tape
(or white acrylic paint)

Next I taped it all together to make almost an entire box
with my masking tape.

Next I added a second floor to my house.
(we will add the roof a little later.)
I also drew on some windows and cut them out with an exact knife.
(a utility knife would work as well, but be careful)

I taped up around the windows to make it a little smoother when I painted it.

Here is what it looks like at this point.
Now time to add the roof!

I taped up two more pieces….

… and taped them together.

Here is how I added them to my basic structure.
Just one piece of tape half taped onto the roof,
half on the bottom of the house.

Then i folded a piece of tape in half to secure it on the inside.

I ripped the ends down the middle...

… and folded them over.

To add a wall to the attic,
I flipped the house over on it's side and traced it onto another 
piece of cardboard.
Cut out the shape I got,
taped it on,
and added another window.

It was then ready to prep for it's final paint job,
with a layer of gesso.
(or white acrylic paint for the base coat.)

Stay tuned for the next step of decorating the Doll House!
If you decide to make one for yourself, 
and if you have any questions about the steps
just leave me a comment or send me an

Thanks for stopping by…
<3 Holly


  1. Making cardboard houses was such a fun in my school days. I wish I could live the life when my teachers used to assign projects on cardboard.

    Sanola Jerry

    1. Hehe thank for the awesome comment! I used to make cardboard houses for my cat when I was a kid… complete with plans before I built them. This project was so much fun to make. (I used the excuse that it was for my niece when she came over. BUT mostly is was so I could have the fun of being a kid again! =) Thanks for stopping by!!!