Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving-kah!

Everyone is talking about it.
That Chanukah falls on Thanksgiving this year!
So in honor of all my Jewish friends,
I made a little printable Thanksgiving-kah sign!
hehe, I hope they all enjoy.
I find it very exciting.
I combined some fall colors with the traditional
Chanukah colors.
So to all my friends,
I hope you have TWO wonderful Holidays!!!!
Here are the printable signs 
and also
some coloring Pages!
(Click on the Titles to go and download)

(For the sillys)

(Even more traditional)

I hope you all enjoy...
Happy Hanukkah/ Thanksgiving Everyone!

(Click the picture below for some more 
FREE Hanukkah Printables!)

<3 Holly

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