Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Craft: Faux Chalkboard "Broom Parking" Sign.

Halloween is almost here!!!
Me and the girls upstairs are getting our porch ready for the big night.
In preparation,
We went out today to buy supplies for making some decorations.
Last year we dressed up like cats and handed out candy together.
This year we decided to dress up like witches.
So we are going to be making Tutus as well!!! 
How exciting!!!!

What was even MORE Exciting was,
when we got home I was searching around the internet
for which related images,
and I kept seeing "Which Broom Parking" signs.
So I was inspired to make my own!
I created a simple little graphic
printed it out onto some antique looking paper.
(Although if it was white paper, you can always use tea or coffee 
to give that old look.)
And I glued it onto a black mat board I had lying around.
I then embellished around it with a white color pencil to make it look like a chalk sign...
Here is the final product.

I'm so excited to hang it up on Halloween 
with our three little brooms leaning up against it!!!
Tell me what you think...

If you would like to get the Print
you can have it FREE by clicking 

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I hope your Fall festivity planning is going WONDERFULLY!!
<3 Holly

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