Friday, October 11, 2013

Easy Pumpkin Decorations

Hey everyone!!!!!!

I know we have been on-again, off-again in our relationship for some time now.
And for that, I am truly sorry.
I got a new job, 
and I have just been so busy with work.
My husband and I just came back from a 
(much needed)
week long vacation!
(Here is us relaxing for once... I didn't know it was possible!)

See we never really did take out honeymoon.
(After paying for our little D.I.Y. wedding)
But, now I'm back with a renewed sense of my self, my relationship with the hubby,
AND TONS of creativity!
(It is so important to step back and enjoy what life has to offer
every once in a while!)
Thanks to loved ones, 
we were truly blessed with this answer to prayer.
(I didn't know how we were going to be able to afford vacation,
but I prayed HARD and we were rewarded beyond what I could have imagined!!!!)
ALL THAT being said.
I now present to you a quick and easy (and cheap)  little project for the Fall.

I bought these little pumpkins in a bag at one of our local markets.
They came 6 in a bag for about 3 dollars
They were cute enough as they were,
but I felt they lacked a little something extra.

So I looked around in the ol' studio
and found a bag of scrap ribbons.
PERFECT I thought!

I took them and tied little bows on the stems.
(I used all different colors that were not necessarily "Fall" colors; 
but then again I tend to use non-traditional colors for the Holidays!)
They came out so cute!
(Of course you could use more traditional colors if you wanted,
maybe purple and green for Halloween.
browns and reds for an overall Fall/ Thanksgiving look.
You could even use little strips of scrap fabric or an old shirt e.t.c....) 

I set them up with some little owls I had.
(The big green owl I got in Targets dollar spot last year,
and this year I got the little red owl tea light holders for $1 a piece in the Target dollar spot.)

Arial wiew
(I would suggest not putting the tea lights close to the ribbons though,
I just did it for the photo.)

Here is a little close up of the owls

I have mine set up in front of the Television right now.
(Not the best photo, but you get the idea.)

But you could use these as a centerpiece for a party 
Thanksgiving dinner.
Happy Fall everyone.

So happy we are going to spend more time together!!!
<3 Holly

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