Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks for a Happy Summer!

Labor Day weekend has come and gone.
Traditionally celebrated as the last weekend of the summer. 
The kids are probably a little sad that school is back in full swing.
So, I thought of a little activity for them to look
back on Summer with fondness rather than sadness.
Give them an official "Summer Fun"
It is a simple way for them to remember their favorite part of summer.
They can hang it up in their room,
or on the fridge,
or it makes for a great bulletin for the classroom!
There is a color version 
a black and white one for coloring!
(Click picture above to Download)
click HERE for the black and white version.

This is a great activity for the home or in the classroom!
Let's celebrate what we love about Summer...
and look forward to what we love about Fall!!!

Hope you all enjoy...
<3 Holly

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