Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Coasters, Little Cost!

Hello dear friends.
Alas I have neglected you once again.
It has been a busy Summer,
I tend to swim in the pool then
crash on the coach when I get home
and ignore you.
I beg for your forgiveness.
I have wanted to post this for a weeks.
I offer you this little project in exchange for your pardon.

I have been high on my Mod Podge Photo transfer technique,
and I have been covering everything.
One of the projects I came up with
were these little wooden coasters.

I found these little wooden plaques for around a dollar 
at the craft store.

And I thought that they would be perfect to make
 some drink coasters.
(Not that we have ever been a household that USES coasters.
we will be now!)

Here are the materials I used:
Wooden Plaques
Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun
A sheet of Felt
& Images from a Magazine
I used the same process
Mod Pode photo transfer Process
as I did for my Wooden Plaque Art.

First I laid my coasters down on the felt and cut out a piece to fit the back.

(You can also make a template out of paper and then cut out the felt like below)

Next I chose my pictures from magazines.

I stuck with a victorian-ish theme.

I then cut out the pictures to fit the top of my little wood blocks.

I then laid the pictures I chose face down on the wood blocks and
followed the same process for my 
Mod Podge Photo Tranfer process.
(Click above for the link to the tutorial.)


We are now officially a coaster using household!

You can even tie them up with a little ribbon as a gift...
great for a house warming present maybe?

You could customize the themes to the recipients according to their interests.
The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Send me pictures of your creations if you make some!!!
<3 Holly

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