Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Quick Summer Recycling Craft!

We have been getting these great local strawberries 
all summer,
and I have been hoarding 
the cute little Balsa wood baskets that they came in.
I new I could use them as
 really cute storage containers.

One problem was that they were stained in some spots
from the delicious juicy berries.
So I decided to paint them with some new bright
craft paints I had just bought!
(On sale 3 for a $1)

I had six containers,
so I painted each one with a different color on the bottom.
The Paint absorbed into the balsa very well 
and covered the strawberry stains.

On top I painted 3 of the containers with
the cool colors with neon green,
and the three with warm colors with the neon orange.
 I really loved how they came out.

Love the way they catch the light.
(The colors I painted them will glow well in backlight!)

 and they stack nicely when they are not in use...
There you are...
nice bright colorful containers for storage.
I've got mine on a shelf in the studio with all manner
of art supplies in them.
They are perfect for holding quilting squares I've already cut.
(And they make a perfect napkin holder for picnics
or BBQ' ing in the back yard.)
Hope you enjoyed them.
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly

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