Friday, April 5, 2013

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

The first really nice day out,
and I was lucky enough to have it off YAY!!!
(Usually my days off are yucky out.)
I decided to get the porch cleaned up and ready for planting.

*Here is a little gardening tip from me to you!*

I take all the potting soil left in my pots and mix it all together in a rubbermaid bin.
Then I "Cook" it.
(I boil big pots of water and pour it in the container. 
I do this several times over of few days
to kill any bugs, seeds, and roots in the soil.
It also makes the soil nice and moist and ready for NEW plants.)

I think throwing dirt away is really stupid,
so I like to recycle it.
You can buy a new bag of soil and add both together
if you don't think the quality will be good enough.
Also, you can buy some plant food and add that in as well.

I even had enough time left in the day light to get a little drawing done....

Oh being barefoot on the porch listing to music,
gardening or making art...

Thank you nice weather for finally poking your head out from the clouds.!
Thank you for stopping by,
 I hope you got to enjoy this beautiful day!

<3 Holly

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