Friday, March 1, 2013

Plushie Patchwork Stars.

I originally made these little guys
as my decorations
for the Holiday Wreath for Christmas & New Years,
but I never got to post them.
Ya' Know what I say?
Who careS if they were made for Christmas,
who doesn't love cute little stars.
They could be good for all year around,
or for a babies room.
Better late than never, right?

Ta Da...

So here is how I made them.
 Here is the Tutorial if you would like to make the wreath base.

What you need:
Scrap Fabric
Wire hangers
Embroidery thread
Star Pattern
Velcro attachment

First I found a 5 pointed star picture.
(I just googled Star Coloring pages)
I used this one from

I printed out two copies.
The first I traced a quarter inch border around for seam allowance,
and then I cut it out.
This is the back of the star.
Cut out one of these out of a solid color for the back.
On the second one I drew lines to the middle of the star from one of the 5 points, 
and also drew a quarter inch for seam allowance.
This is your piece witch you cut 5 of to make
your patchwork star.
Your piece should look like this.
From there cut your 5 pieces out of scrap fabric for the front.
Next step is to start sewing all the pieces together.
Sew them right sides together
 Open them up then sew the next piece. 

(It can get a little tricky in the middle when you start adding on more pieces.
So, be careful each time you add a new piece on, 
not to sew to far into the middle so that you make a mess of the center of the star.)

Keep going... only a couple more.
This is what you should end up with.
(I added a button accent in the middle for cuteness,
and to make the center look more finished)

If you are making the wreath, here is a new way I came up to attach the decorations.
It is with a product called Scotch Bundling Straps
I just cut a little piece off and sewed it onto the back piece of the star before I joined everything together.
(You just want to sew a little bit in the middle, 
because it is a double sided velcro, 
and you will need to be able to wrap it around your wreath frame.)
You can also use another version of fastening that I came up with for my Fall decorations with things I had around the house here.
Then put your front and back right sides together.
(make sure you don't sew all the way around so you can turn it inside out.)
Another helpful tip is to snip ALMOST to your seam about every quarter inch, so that when you turn it right side out you get better points to your star.
With that said.
Turn right sides out and stuff.
(I use a chop stick to poke my corners for a good pointy star.
Don't push to hard though, 
or you will poke through your fabric.)
It is starting to look like a star now.
To sew up your opening I recommend and invisible stitch.
(also known as a slip stitch. Go HERE for a great tutorial from Michelle Patterns.)
Now do a simple Blanket Stitch with embroidery thread around the outside of the Star.

 And go all the way around.

Then Knot off the end of your embroidery thread.

Now attach it to your wreath with the velcro!
(Repeat to make as many as you need for your wreath or other project)

You can also make Christmas ornaments with these by just adding a string in the back so that you can hang them on the tree. (Or whatever else)
Just leave out the velcro.
You could also use these to make a mobile for a babies room.

Happy Crafting!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
<3 Holly

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