Tuesday, January 22, 2013

D.I.Y Note Cards for Valentine's day or any occasion...

Valentine's Day is almost here!
(Also my Husband's Birthday is a few days before!!!)
I have been making up some little note cards
for the occasion.
I had an idea a while back for a project,
sand stashed away the materials for it.
When I was thinking about
making some Valentines,
I remembered what I had squirreled away.
I tend to use the recycled 
grocery bags for a lot of projects.
(I really like the craft paper look, 
and I don't feel as bad for forgetting my re-usuable bags
when I go shopping if I use them for crafts.)
Back to what I was saying,
I use the bags for this and that, and then end up with 
little bits here and there that 
are not really big enough to use.
 I cut them up into little rectangles like these.
 I pulled out some of my gouache.
(Crafts paint would work just as well.)
and I painted a few simple
picture onto the little scraps of paper bag.
 (You could do this too.
If you are not an artist,
just paint little hearts or polka dots.
You can do some for Birthdays,
and all occasions
I think you would be surprised 
how cute they come out.)
I then folded some pastel paper I had in half and
(You could use construction paper or
cards stock as well.)
Then folded those halves in half,
and glued the pictures on with
white glue.
(I pressed them under some books to keep
them from curling.)
and there you go! 

Cute little notecards you could use for Valentine's Day
or any occasion!
I am working on some envelopes right now.
You could also tie them up
in little bundles
 and give them as gifts!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
<3 Holly


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