Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy One Year Anniversary Hollylynnclark.blogspot!

Well it has been a year ago this week since
I started up this little blog.
(Birthday card from

Reflecting back I've gone through some up's and down's
with keeping up with posting,
and it certainly has been a learning experience.
It has been a lot of fun
starting this little project,
and it has been great to challenge myself to keep
my creative juices flowing.
I love the focus my blog has given me.
Being honest,
the only disappointed I've had is
the lack of feedback and comments,
and I am looking forward to the challenge 
of making my posts better to garner those responses. 
But I'd also like to take this opportunity
to ask for some feedback.
Let me know how I'm doing,
and what I can do better on.
It is appreciated SO much in the online community.
Thank you to ALL who have stopped by
and poked around here.
It has meant a lot to me.

I hope I continue to grow
both personally and here on the Blog.
Now enough of that,
lets take a look back at one of my first posts.
It was:
A cute, little Pinterest board for a
as an entry for a ModCloth contest.
(which unfortunately I didn't win.)
I really like how my board came out.
Well Thank you for stopping by!
and once again THANK YOU
for a Wonderful first year of blogging,
Who knows where we'll be NEXT year!!!
Much love,
<3 Holly

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