Saturday, January 19, 2013

Can't believe it has been a month... Patchwork Pattern Maker for Quilting

Sorry to leave you all for a month
without even a peep out of me...
after the Holidays
I kind of just crapped out.
I ran out of batteries.
How were your Holidays?
I hope they were well,
ours were quiet.
A funny year this year, quiet.
I don't think I can ever remember having
a quiet Holiday.

 I know I promised a few last posts
of my Holiday crafts,
and I never got to it.
So sorry.
I haven't been able to get any descent pictures TO post.
I feel like I leave for work in the dark,
and home home in it.
But I am back to quilting,
people keep having babies I can't keep up.
So to get back on speaking terms,
I wanted to share with you 
a great little tool 

Victoria and Albert Museum.

Here is one that I made.
and the original.
It so much fun I have been playing with it for days.
It even gives you a detailed break down
 of how many pieces of each color you need.
(You could use the patterns as cross stitch patterns as well!)
I might tweak it a little bit,
BUT it is pretty good!
Let me know
if you try it out.
Thanks for stopping,
let's stay in better communication now, huh?

<3 Holly

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