Saturday, January 26, 2013

34 Mini Card Drawings

Last year I
set myself a challenge.
To see if I could do 1 drawing every day,
for thirty days.
I did 34 drawings in 34 days instead. 
To make my challenge a 
little easier for me, 
and more manageable,
I cute a standard letter sized paper into quarters.
This gave me cards that
were approximately 4X5 1/2 inches.
I also set a few rules for myself:
*I could use only markers
*Once I finished my drawing that day,
I could not go back and change it.
*If I missed a day,
the next day I had to do an extra drawing to make up for the one I missed.
(I also numbered and dated each one.)
It is an excellent exercise in creativity,
and you may get inspiration from one of your little cards.
Here are a few.
(Click here to go and see all 34.)
(All drawings ©HollyLynnClark)

I hope you all challenge yourself to create something everyday
for at least a month.
I'm telling you,
it will do wonders for your creativity!
Thanks for stopping by...
<3 Holly

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