Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's the 1st day of december! 1st candle lit in my Advent Spiral

Happy December 1st!!!
I wanted to share
with you guys the advent spiral in action.
With the first candle lit,
I placed my crystal and seashells
to represent the First Kingdom:
Stones and Minerals
for the first Sunday of advent!
(The Second Sunday you add a representation for plants
The Third Sunday an animal figurine
and the last Sunday is usually a figure representing Mary or a little nativity figurine.) 
I added my 1st Kingdom tonight
because we won't be around tomorrow night.
Next week I will to it on
I also added some pine sprigs clipped 
from our christmas tree
like traditional evergreens for Yule.
(I'm definitely am going to replace them so they
don't dry out and become a
fire hazard.)
I also cut a piece of tin foil a little bigger
than the Spiral
and crunched it up around the bottom
to catch any wax.
(Click here for the tutorial)

I'm really happy with the whole thing.
Tell me what you think.
Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Handmade Holiday!!!

<3 Holly

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