Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ready... set... GO! My Holiday Project Lineup

I have definitely made some BIG
plans for myself this year.
I am determined to get it
all done!

I have started or laid the ground work for
most of my projects.
Here is what I have in store....

Paper Mache Angel Tree topper and
Nativity Scene

Plush Patchwork Star Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

I'm also starting a new tradition this year.
It is called an Advent Spiral,
and it looks like this.
It is used to count down to Christmas, 
as well as celebrate the elements and that days will 
start to get longer again after the Winter Solstice.
There is also
a ceremony that many take place in.
Here is a great simple explanation that I think sums
up the practice well from 

You can buy the spiral from many different web sites
like this one from

I'm going to make mine out of Salt Dough.
There you have it....
I'm ready to go!
I have most of my preliminary work done,
time to get to crossing some
projects off the list.
Let me know how your Holiday Prep is going
in the comments box below.
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly


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