Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting ready for the Holidays...

it is that time of year to get ready for the Holidays.
It is also that time of year,
when you WORRY about how to get 
ready for the Holidays.

Over the next few weeks,
I want to focus on decorating,
and making hand made gifts with things
you probably have around the house.

The challenge will be to spend
little to no money
for decorations, ornaments,
activities for the kids,
as well as gifts.

(Get a head start and check out the Holiday
wreath I made out of recycled materials
around the house, 
click HERE for the tutorial 
on how to make the wreath base,
and stay posted for the winter decorations
I'll be making!)

I have many ideas floating around 
in my head,
and I hope I can execute all of them
before the Holidays are over.

P.S. Everyone knows hand made things are better!
I think, in the days we are living in now,
hand made things remind
people of a simpler time.
A time and a memory we would all like to 
go back to.

My first project for the season is a Nativity Set
out of paper mache. 
I always loved setting up the manger scene when
I was younger,
and realized this year that we didn't have one.
I also know, 
we don't have too much money to 
do Christmas this year.
I decided to make one out of paper mache.
I'm literally making it out of the sales flyer paper
that I normally would just throw in the recycling,
as well as masking tape, and flour I already have in the house.
So far this project has cost me $0.
Here is a sneak preview.

My cow:

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and a little Sheep
in the stables.

stay tuned,
save your garbage,
stock up on glue, masking tape, and other bits-n-bobs.
Stock up on glue sticks for your glue gun,
and follow me for the next few weeks
so we can make our Holidays happen
on a VERY SMALL budget.

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly


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