Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Ready for the Holidays: Thanksgiving day Printables

Here we are!
The Holiday Season is upon us....
and it is the first I have spent with you guys on the blog.

To kick off the Holiday season we 
begin with Thanksgiving.
In celebration of our cheap and easy Holidays,
I made some free cute little printable
to help you decorate 
your thanksgiving table.

Here they are...
Napkin rings and place cards.
Just print one for each of your guests.
Download the PDF. File HERE

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey!
Download the PDF. File HERE

(All you need is to fold your name card in half 
and write the name of your guest,
and a glue stick to secure 
your napkin ring in place.
If you have card stock available, that would probably be best.
If you do not, that's ok.
Plain printer paper or another heavy weight paper
will be fine.)

Hope this you enjoy your Thanksgiving!
<3 Holly

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