Friday, November 30, 2012

Salt Dough Advent Candle Spiral

Advent Candle Spiral
is complete!!!
I'm so excited about it.

I am happy to be starting a new tradition
in our family.
Basically the Spiral has 24 holes where
you place candles,
and light one each December night
till Christmas.
It is also used to
celebrate the Solstice and the days
growing lighter once again.
You could make one tonight
or tomorrow afternoon with the kids
and have it ready to use 
to light the first candle
tomorrow evening!
Some people use them a little differently,
for a little more info on the tradition. 
(If you don't have time to
make a Spiral,
simply use tea light candles
set up in a spiral like
they did over at Seasons Natural Toys)
I made MIne out of salt dough.
I was already 
making Salt Dough Ornaments,
so it wasn't much extra work for me.
Here is how I did it....

First I made my salt dough.
I needed to make a big batch for the ornaments,
so I used this recipe:
4 cups of flour
2 cups of salt
2 cups of water
(You can cut that in half, 
and that should be enough for your spiral.)
you should also baked it at 300 degrees
for about 2-3 hours.
If it comes out a little dark that i ok if you paint it like
i did.

I formed my spiral on a well floured surface,
and put it on a cookie sheet.

Then I took a candle 
(I used a Menorah sized Candle)
and poked 24 holes into my spiral.
Remember to wiggle the candle a little bit
(Don't go crazy though),
because when you bake it your
hole will shrink a little.
If you don't wiggle it a little bit, 
the candles might not fit.

Now it is ready to put in the oven.

This is what it looked like when It was done baking.

Before I painted it with the colors,
I put a base coat of white to 
make sure the color tone was even.

Here is my end result....
(I sprayed it with an acrylic sealer to make it 
really shiny!)
(I chose to paint it midnight blue to silver
to represent the light returning from the dark
after the solstice.) And what it looks like with the candles...
(I just want to add these small safety notes,
because it is not good to assume
that everyone will use common sense or think of these things.
Obviously you should never leave the candles unattended,
also it is a good idea to put a little piece 
of tin foil in the hole before you put the
candle in,
because the salt dough is flammable,
and will smolder if you let the candles burn down too low.
This can 1. cause a fire hazard &
2. Ruin your carefully made spiral.
Just use your brain hehe)

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I hope you all liked it,
send me a picture if you make one.
Happy Holidays!
Hope all your preparations our going well.
Leave a comment and let me know
what you think.
Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Holly

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