Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holiday Wreath: Fall decoration tutorial

Despite a few snags,
 my Holiday wreath with fall decorations
is almost done.
(Here is the link for the Holiday Wreath tutorial)
I didn't think I would run into the logistical problems that I did,
but hey,
that happens sometimes when you get an idea.
I'll be posting the tutorial on how to 
attache the decorations,
but for now here is how I made my fall decorations.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to do pumpkins or apples
(or both) at first,
but i settled on pumpkins because all of the fall fabric
I had was pumpkin related.
Here is the patterns I made for both.

I cut out the 2 pumpkin pieces for the front and the back. 
(I flipped my pattern piece over so that my 2 pieces would line up
when I put them right sides together to sew them.)

(To make it easier I Put an F on the front of the pattern for the front piece,
and a B on the back of the pattern to cut out the back piece)
You Should end up with two pieces that look like this...

Next I did A simple stitch with the embroidery thread to show the lines on the pumpkin.
Then I put my pieces right sides together,
being careful to leave a small gap so that I could turn my pumpkin right sides out. 

When you turn your Pumpkin (or apple) right sides out,
stuff it with some stuffing, 
and sew up your bottom hole.
(If your really good with an invisible stitch {also known as a slip stitch click here to go to a great tutorial on how to do this stitch from  Michelle Patterns,  you can use it here. If you are not, don't worry. Make your Stitches as clean as you can, we will cover over them with some embroidary thread.)
You need to make and attach your leaf next.
You can use the pattern I made, 
or just cut out a leaf shapes.
(I used a scrap of green fabric I had to cut out the leaves.)
1. Sew around the leaf leaving a hole open on the bottom
2. Cut around the the leaf (Just stopping short of the seam) 
3.Turn the leaf right side out
Now add a simple stitch of embroidery thread down the middle of the leaf

Then sew on your leaf with a few quick stitches

Now do a simple Blanket Stitch around the outside of the pumpkin with embroidery thread.
I like to start were I closed up my pumpkin.
that way I can tuck the knot
from my embroidery thread into the seam
and hide it.

keep going around...

Viola! A Fall decoration for your wreath...
Next post will be how to attach your decorations to your wreath.

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly

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