Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Part one of Fall Wreath Tutorial: Basic Wreath

 I decided  I am going to do 
this project tutorial in two parts.
Other wise the post will be very long,
so here is goes....

Part One: The Basic Wreath

The Basic wreath is going to be the base of a few
seasonal related projects to come. 
The Idea is to make the basic wreath out of the recycled hangers
and to change the decorations on it 
for each season and holiday.

What you'll need:
*Wire Hangers (about 3 or 4)
*Floral Tape (brown or Green)
(another option is masking tape painted over with gesso and brown paint)
*and if you would like:
 ribbon or strips of fabric that match the season
*a pair of pliers 
*A Place to hang your wreath on

Step One & Step Two:
Bend your wire hangers into a circle
(it is not going to be perfect but we like that)
You also want to bend the the top hook into a loop,
 as best you can with your pliers.

 When your done bending,
wrap the whole thing with the floral tape.
(I Happened to have brown in my studio 
from a previous project but green would 
work just as well)

Step Three:
Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the rest of your hangers.

Step Four:
Join all three (or Four) together with a bit more floral tape 

on the top were the loops meet
(they won't line up perfect, but it gives it character)

and on the bottom 
to hold your wreath together.

Now you have your Wreath base 

Step Five:
If you wish you can add a little more body to your 
wreath with some ribbon 
or strips of fabric woven through the wreath
so you end up with this.
 (I happened to have some 
brown and green ribbon which is going to go well for the season,
you can always change the ribbons for the season
or holidays.)

And there you have a basic wreath...
next We are going to make some decorations
 that can be changed out for the season or holidays as well.

(Clicker HERE for the Fall decorations how to,
and HERE for how to attach them.)

Thanks for stopping by,
<3 Holly 


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