Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday Flea Market...

In a rare,
my husband had two days off this week,
my husband and I got to go to our local Sunday flea market.
It was wonderful just to walk around,
and we definitely were not planning to buy anything,
(Being that we are broke)
until we found all THIS cool stuff! 

Strawberry Tin Serving tray for me!
(Just had to have it!)
A few Gentlemanly Items for my Husband such as:
 This sweet money clip

And this British Gentleman's lighter
AND Last but CERTAINLY not least...
our prized find.....
This Great Auk Illustration.
(I am obsessed with Auks and their story... They are an extinct bird in the Penguin family that lived in New England
 learn about them here)
Thank you Davis Fleafor For being awesome 
Thank you guys for stopping by 
and letting me share my finds with you,
<3 Holly


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