Monday, August 6, 2012

Meatless and recipe-less Monday =( But Cupcake decorating with some teens!

Hey guys,
I was hoping to get back to our regularly scheduled
Meatless Monday recipies,
but I had to work late tonight and didn't have time
to get a recipe that I know id yummy.
I spent my evening teaching a cake decorating class 
with a co-worker, 
for teens at a local library.
Something a little different for me,
but we had fun.
The kids did a GREAT job.
I was very impressed!
We showed them how to make Roses, Daisies, and elephants,
Here are some of their creations....
Elephant Line up

One girl made a Narwhal from her imagination SO COOL!
(P.S. I was super excited by this because there is a big narwhal joke with my husband!)

Here are some Daisies!
And some Roses 
(Which are really hard to make... SUPER SUPER Impressive!)

They all did a great job,
I just had to share.
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Holly

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