Sunday, August 5, 2012

Charcoal Drawings from college...

I still had a bunch of
 things from college left at my Dad's house,
and he was sick of them kicking around the house,
so I went amd got them.
Amongst all my crap
was a large bag of drawings from when I was still in College.
I just had one of those moments, 
while I was going through all the drawings,
where I just said to myself, 
"Did I really do these?"
It has been YEARS since I've seen them,
I am in awe of myself,
I think they look so beautiful, organic, and effortless.
I don't even think I could 
draw anything similar if I tried now.
Here are a few of the first ones I pulled out.

(P.S. These suckers are HUGE and messy, 
I thought I was cool using charcoal and pastels.)
Thanks for stopping by.
<3 Holly

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