Saturday, July 28, 2012

Really cool Painting Video...

So I'm sure you all missed me TERRIBLY
this week,
and you have Vampire Diaries on Netflicks to blame for that.
I had never seen the show before,
and started watching the first 2 seasons when I found it on Netflicks the other night.
Well that was the end of me,
I am now OBSESSED!
Like 13 year old girl obsessed !!!
 I did however want to crawl out of my little Vampire lair,
and share this really beautiful pored painting video from
The cinematography by Dave Kaufman
is phenomenal!  
The way they show the paint slowly moving is so poetic.
For me as a painter the movement of the paint 
is part of the Zen and calming aspect of the physical act of painting.
Check it out!
I Hope you enjoy!
Promise I'll post more this week,
and I won't miss my meatless Monday posting!
I am almost done with season three,
then I will be free to post what I like, when I like.
The trance will be broken!!!

<3 Holly

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