Friday, July 13, 2012

The Owl Quilt is almost done!!!!!

So, I posted a while back about the quilt
 I have been working on for our niece.
Well after putting it aside for a "couple" of months,
(I use the word couple in the place of MANY months)
I almost have it complete!
Here is a reminder of what the body of the quilt looks like:
 And here is the little patchwork Owl that will grace the center of it:

The front is all pieced together,
tonight I hope to put it all together with the batting and the back.
Then the quilt will be done... YAY!!!!
The next step of my present for her,
is to make an accompanying Owl pillow for extra snuggling.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope to have the set complete within the week.
I will post the finished results when I am done.
<3 Holly

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